Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Slowly but surely

A giant Thank You goes out to Jason for running with me last night. Even though he was tired and hurting from running the 16 miles on Sunday, he stuck with me for an hour. And thanks to him, I am feeling better about this whole training thing.

The first mile took a God Awful 14 minutes (and we learned that I can walk as fast as Jason was running) but by the end of the hour we were back to our regular Zone 2 snail pace of a little over 11 minutes.

Legs felt better after the first mile and I was quite comfortable at the end. No pain today - ready for swimming and bike practice tonight.

Back to those positive thoughts!!!!

Monday, April 27, 2009

I'm frustrated...

Bordering on pissed off!! But first the good part...

My long bike ride went exceptionally well this week. Dude and I rode in Virginia Beach on Friday - he did about 50 and I did just over 85. Since we were in VA Bch, the ride was flat - yeah! I nailed the nutrition - it helps to have a timer that goes off every 15 minutes to remind me to eat/drink. I hear things were not so great for my teammates on Sat - toughest ride ever (Culpepper - hills, followed by steeper and longer hills) and a massive heat wave that had them riding in 90+ degrees.

Sunday - the plan was a 16 mile run. First, let's go back to my Excuses for Sale post where I said "have I mentioned that I love running?"

What happened to that girl???? Two weeks in a row that I have not been able to run. Am I injured? Nothing hurts that bad - yes I hurt but not enough for the "injured" label. Was it the heat this week? Possibly - it was fricking hot! I just can't get into a groove while running, which use to come naturally.

Anyhow - since I'm 99% positive I will not be able to run the full marathon at IMS I've decided to start run/walk training - trying for 12/2 (12 min. run/2 min. walk). That worked for the first 1/2 (oh, by the way, I think I only got 12 miles in - if that). On the return, I reversed the 12/2 and walked for 12, ran 2. Ok, maybe not that bad, but pretty darn close.

Disappointing, frustrating, demoralizing.

Send some positive thoughts my way people - cause I'm fresh out!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Rumpass in the Bumpass Sprint Race Report

Other recommended title - "You Ran a 5K How Slow???????"

Pre - got there in plenty of time especially since I did package pick up on Sat. I ate 1/2 a bagel and a pancake. How cool is the Team Z grill when you can order pancakes?! Got transition set up, into the wet suit (pissed that there's a cut almost all the way through), and took a practice swim. Water wasn't near as bad as Mooseman and I did that in a sleeveless wetsuit.

Swim - 17:08 - 8/26 Age Group - Out to the first buoy was bad. I couldn't get my heart rate down or get into the groove. Once I made the turn I was good to go. Still thought I was creeping along and realized there is a HUGE difference between pool swimming and open water. Note to self: Must spend more time in OW before IMS. It was the straightest I've ever swum though.

T1 - 1:52 - 2/26 Age Group- My best event in triathlon - TRANSITION!

Bike - 42:06 - 9/26 Age Group- Went two minutes slower then the relay on Saturday - proof to Robin and Jason that I really did give it my all on Saturday. Note to self: Must ride lots and lots and lots more hills before IMS.

T1 - 1:39 - 14/26 Age Group- I think it took longer to rack my bike then anything else. I hate when people don't rack their bike correctly. I'm always tempted to take the time and toss it over the fence. (And I know it was racked wrong because I had the end spot and his bike was above my stuff).

Run - I don't even want to type the time - 34:56 (seriously!) - 20/26 Age Group - EVERY STEP HURT. I started with a very slow run and realized I could walk faster then I was running. I also could not catch my breath. Heidi was my hero and got me to start running again while she coached me on breathing. Finally was able to breathe and I ran with her for awhile. Again, EVERY STEP HURT so I decided to walk the hills. With Tim Gretin on my heels, I ran most of the return, running up the hills as far as I could, then walking the crests. Right before getting back to the woods I looked at my watch and it said 32 minutes. I actually said out loud - "are you fricking kidding me"? Pushed myself to run and even made a lame attempt to sprint the finish. Still appalled at the time - that's my marathon pace!!!!

There were 3 distinct times during this race when I asked myself WTF was I thinking for signing up for Ironman. Then I remembered, different race, different strategy.

I am also embarrassed to think that my goal for this was to "smoke a sprint distance". The only smoke there was when I burned out on the run.

As usual, Team Z support before, during, and after the race was incredible. I was sorely disappointed in my race and many team mates pointed out all the positives and helped me get back to my real focus - Ironman! This race was a freebie.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Rumpass in the Bumpass Relay Race Report

Best Shirt EVER! Not only does the shirt say Rumpass in the Bumpass on it, there's two beavers on it. Oh, and I got a beer mug with the same design from the race director. SCORE!!!

Swim by Robin "Phelps" - I don't know the official time but I think it was around 30 minutes. All she said was the water was cold (about 60 degrees - yikes!).

Bike by Es "Armstrong" - Nice rolling hills, sweet flats, and not too much wind. The 1st loop was 40 minutes. I was hoping to negative split but came in spot on for the 2nd loop. Something is wrong with Penny - she was yelping every time I had to go in the low gears for the hills. Hopefully she just needs some lube.

Run by Jason "The Kenyan" - Jason managed about 8 1/2 minute miles. And I managed to miss his finish because a lady walked by with the cutest Dachshund puppy ever!!!

We came in 5th out of 18! It was a GORGEOUS sunny day! All in all, a perfect way to start the race season! I start over again in the morning with the Rumpass in the Bumpass Sprint - and yes, that means I have TWO of the COOLEST SHIRTS EVER!!!!

(I'll post a pic later in the week)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

RumpASS in the BumpASS Training

I just love the name of the triathlon this weekend and can't wait to get the t-shirt!

In honor of the first tri of the season I am training with a *vengeance* this week!

*Vengeance* Training:
Monday -
Plan = Run 30 minutes
Actual = Beer and $.50 Wings - tough training day - not only did they not have Smitticks but they also didn't have Corona Light. I settled for Corona and went with the Honey Pepper wings.

Plan = Swim and Monday's 30 minute run (schedule said we had the day off)
Actual = Swim, wine and pizza. I'll start by saying I love my boss. Not Loovve but I really enjoy working for him. Tuesday he sucker punched me (and the rest of the staff) by announcing his resignation. Dude also had a bad day so we whined and wined (and made excellent homemade chicken pesto pizza).

Plan = Massage (schedule called for a 40 minute run)
Actual = Massage - See, I can stick to a plan. Rejunenations Massage Therapy - best gig in town! Saw Vicki and not only was the massage fantabulous but she also gave me hints and pointers for relieving pain/stiffness in-between massages.

Plan = Swim and 40 minute Run (schedule called for a 40 minute bike)
Actual = I'm meeting Dude and some friends at Gordon Biersch for burgers and beer then probably heading for the Team Z Happy Hour.

Plan = Off
Actual = Again, I'm sticking to the plan. I have to pack for the race and spit-shine Penny for her race debut!

I've said it before, this Ironman training isn't so bad when you skip all the workouts!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

PoPT - Power of Positive Thoughts

As I said, I was a “Debbie Downer” for a couple of posts so I went into this weekend’s workouts with a positive attitude. I was going to make the mileage and I was going to have a good time doing it.

Saturday – woke up to cold and rain. Think positive, think positive….
Highlights - Not wussing out for the team run, running with Gina (my perfect Zone 2 partner) and Jackie’s Guinness cake after the run.
Lowlights - Did I mention the cold and rain?!

Headed to the gym with the intentions of lifting and swimming. I couldn’t warm up so I went straight to the sauna and thus ended my lifting plans. From there I headed to the hot tub, swam 2,000 meters, then back to the hot tub to soak/stretch. Really, not a bad way to end a cold/wet run day!

Sunday – 72.9 Mile Ride – Boyce, VA – This is one of my favorite team rides and this week was no exception.
Highlights: Riding in zone 2 with Kate, Lindsay, Mary, + 5 or 6 others (who are usually ahead of me), Team Z picnic, seeing Dude out and about, Marlene the Easter Bunny, and finishing my longest ride to date (and for the record I DID go all the way to the turn around point)!
Lowlights: Launching my water bottle at Lindsay (twice), thinking the final 18 was flat (boy was I wrong), seeing Jason and Lindsay and thinking I was moving in slow motion because they had put over 3 miles on me like that (snap your fingers). Turns out, they did NOT go all the way out to the turn-around point so they cut the ride short 2.9 miles.

Lesson learned on the bike ride: I still need to work on nutrition and drinking. I don’t know where my mind was but for the entire ride my nutrition was 2 PowerAde Endurance drinks, 2 Hammer Gels, 2 individual Shot Blocks, 2 individual Luna Moons, and 2 Reeses Peanut Butter cups. NOT NEAR ENOUGH!!! 5 hours –I took in 1,336 calories (1,080 in liquids) and burned over 4,000 calories. I paid the price that evening – started feeling really bad around 5 – hot, pounding headache, racing heart rate, could feel my pulse throughout my body, couldn’t clench my fists. Apparently it was dehydration (thanks to Dude for figuring that out – I thought I was having a heart attack). Four glasses of ice water later and I felt much better!

Monday – woke up exhausted but not in any pain. Had no energy all day but managed to make it out for $.50 wings and beer with the gang.

Aside from the nutrition (I'm working on it) I deem this week and the end of the 3 week build a success.

Two swims, two runs and one bike and it’s race weekend! I am relaying the Oly on Sat (Bike 24 miles) and doing the Sprint on Sunday 750/12 miles/5K.

TGIRW! Thank God It’s Recovery Week!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Weekend Plans

I've been reading my last few posts and they've kind of been downers. So all negativity aside I am truly jazzed for this weekend. I have had great workouts this week - some pain, but I've pulled through and feel better for it.

Saturday is (just) a 13-mile run. Weather looks dicey but the plan is if it's cold and rainy we will lift and swim first then head out to run (rain is tapering as the day progresses). If it's just raining we will run, brunch, lift, swim.

Sunday is the big one - 70 miles of riding. Then again, I did 68 last week on accident so what's an extra 3 miles. My goals for this ride are (1) good nutrition (2) no breakdowns (emotional or mechanical), (3) push myself to try to improve my cycling, and (4) enjoy the scenery and forecasted sunshine. The team is having a picnic after the ride so I have to make some homemade mac-n-cheese on Saturday night. Mmm!!

The best part of the weekend will be tonight - Dude and I are going on a date. I got my raise this week so we are going out to spend it. We're heading out to Warrenton to a place called Iron Bridge Wine Company. Reservations are a little early, but I do have to get up and run in the morning.

Oh, I also wanted to add two of my favorite pictures from the Cherry Blossom Race. The first is me, Julie, and Sinead - after the 2.5 miles, before the 12.5. The second is Gina and I after the race - I think that fence is holding me up. What a difference 10 miles make!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Big Baby!

I’ve been having a bad day…since Saturday.

Last week was fine, getting over the cold – missed running on Wed and did not do strength. Everything else went well but then Saturday hit.

Saturday - 60 mile bike ride – in an effort to keep this brief I’ll summarize:
Confusion + Wind + Hills + Wrong Turn + More Hills + Riding Alone + Bad Nutrition = Hyperventilating Crying Fit at mile 42 or so. (Actual mileage: 68.3)

Sunday - 15 Mile Run – Planned a 2.5 mile warm up, then the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler, then end with a 2.5 mile cool down. The warm up went well, we were actually questioning if the mileage was correct (cool down was not as pleasant and there was no questioning the distance). Met up with Team Z, found Gina (who had my bib) and she and I headed for the start corral. We started with the Green group which was behind where we should have been so there was A LOT of swerving around people. Stuck with Gina through the whole race – which was a good thing – had I been running alone I would have walked most of Hain’s Point. My legs were screaming! I keep comparing my results from last year (1:42:31) to this year (1:42:10) and I’m not real happy. But then I have to remember I didn’t ride 68.3 miles the day before last year’s race. I should just be happy that I ran the whole thing (Thanks Gina)!

Monday – woke up sore. I mean more sore then after the marathon. I realize my nutrition during/after the workouts sucked. Add that I didn’t stretch near enough, I guess I deserve the pain. Headed into work and was immediately land-blasted with “you missed your profit number by $1.1 Million”. NOT a good way to start the day!!! Found the F-Up (and yes, I did miss profit by $1.1M) and had the joy of explaining the error to my boss…before my performance appraisal. Bet he’s wishing he could re-write that one! Finished the day, still incredibly sore, bought some wine and headed to Dude’s. After a couple glasses the whining came out.

Because of the breakdown on Saturday, the less then stellar run on Sunday, the soreness on Monday I’m seriously questioning my ability to finish this stupid Ironman (that’s what I call it now). I relayed my feelings to Dude – I’m slow, I’m doing the workouts and I’m not getting better, Everyone else is better then me, blah, blah, blah.

Melancholy sets in.

And Dude says “you want to know what I think?”
Me (moodily), “What?”
Dude (in all seriousness): “You’re not ready to go pro.”

And that’s when the wine almost came out of my nose. Gotta love Dude!

Big girl panties back on – let’s finish this build week.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Double Digits

HOLY CRAP!!! ONLY 99 MORE DAYS! I feel queasy!

The day I've been dreading for awhile is here. Less then 100 days to go and I feel no more ready for IMS then I did 100 days ago. OK, maybe a little more ready but not even close to where I need to be. I'm still waiting for that day when I wake up and think "I can do this".

On the lighter side, I stole this from Steve in a Speedo:

Hopefully I will do it right! More in line with this:

Bring on the workouts, bring on the distance practices. It's go-time!