Monday, December 13, 2010

If It's Not One Thing...

…it’s another.

It has been a year of excuses, injuries, sickness, laziness, depression, and restlessness and I can’t seem to get out of this “too {insert excuse} to exercise” mode.

Remember when I said “its all on” about starting training last week? Well that didn’t happen, not even close.

I ran on Monday night, it was about 25 degrees and windy as all get out. I should preface that by saying I left work early because I felt like I was knocking on death’s door.

Well, that cold windy run did a number on me and I spent Tue thru Fri on the couch sneezing, coughing, aching, feverish, and needing rest. By Friday night I had horrible cabin fever so Dude, J, and I went to Borders where I preceded to try to nap in one of their comfy chairs.

Saturday I thought I was feeling a bit better so I went to run errands. Here’s a hint of how bad I felt, I was in and out of Wegman’s fast enough that my coffee that I left in the car did not get cold and it was just below 40 degrees outside. If I’m rushing through my happy place, you know I’m not feeling well.

Sunday was another lounge away and drink Day-Quil day.

So here it is Monday again, it’s 25 degrees and windy as all get out. And yes, I’m going to attempt another run.

Wish me luck!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Week and A Day

later and I finally have time to announce that YES - I - DID!

I'm signed up for Ironman Arizona! It sold out in less then 40 minutes (further proof that Arizona is better then Cozumel - 24 hours later, Cozumel is still taking registrations!).

I immediately went into full Ironman training by skipping 90% of the training.

I swear, this week I'll do ~60% of the training.

But next's ALL ON!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thursday 13 - Why Ironman Arizona is better than Ironman Cozumel

The team race next year is (stupid) Cozumel. There are a rogue number of us doing Arizona and there is an on-going battle on why people should do one race over another. Here’s my 13 in support of Arizona.

1. Arizona is wetsuit legal – salt water does not have near the buoyancy to make up for no wetsuit! And drinking salt water = bad.

2. Desert climate so NO humidity in Arizona – the weather should be quite pleasant! Cozumel – hot, humid, sticky!

3. Desert climate so NO bugs in Arizona! Ask Damon Taaffe for his race report and picture of his mosquito devoured back from Cozumel, then remember that he is fast and probably finished a good three + hours before “normal” people do!

4. Far less chance of getting Montezuma’s revenge in Arizona. Imagine, training for 9 months to a year, getting to Cozumel a couple days early and spending the day before (or worse, day of) on the toilet.

5. Race Support Issue One – I’ve vacationed in Mexico, 3 times (oh, and BTW, got Montezuma’s revenge each time, including the trip to Cozumel) and the Mexican people are very…I can’t think of a way to put it without sounding racist (and I swear, I am not racist!!!). I just don’t see how people in a beach resort/vacation area (whether it’s Mexico, Jamaica, Aruba, etc.) can change their sense of immediacy, their response time, their way of life for even one day to support you through the race (as volunteers or as officials).

6. Race Support Issue Two – again, I refer to Damon’s race report. They ran out of liquids, salty products (in a humid environment), – by the time HE GOT THERE! Again, he is fast! Special Needs was OFF the course, and not manned or even really marked so you could find it. The expo had no race gear – trust me, you will forget something and you will want an expo with TRIATHLON stuff – not Mexican art and trinkets.

7. Logistics – trust me, travelling with a bike is a pain in the a$$, refer to this post! As of this year, none of the bike transport companies are sponsored by IM Cozumel. Add that the mechanical support to put your bike back together will be limited in Cozumel (according to Damon’s report).

8. Special needs in Cozumel are actually called Special Food Stations – and it explicitly states “The Special Foods Station is for nutritional purposes ONLY, and ONLY food items will be allowed in the bag” So much for change of clothes, rain gear, lights, etc., all things that you just might want during the race.

9. The Tempe/Scottsdale/Phoenix area is actually quite nice for your support team and there are some incredible spas if they want a resort atmosphere. Add that they can eat/drink ANYTHING they want without fear of the toilet = WIN!

10. THANKSGIVING!!!!!!!!! You’ll still be in that post-race calorie burning mode – eat up! Or, you’ll be 3 days pre-race and watching every morsel of food you are putting in your body. Hmm, I’ll take two pieces of pumpkin pie please!

11. It’s not a team race…so what. My first Ironman was not a team race and in a different country and it was still fabulous. We had maybe 9 supporters (7 that I met during the run portion) and I still felt the love! There is at a minimum 10 people racing IM-AZ that will be bringing supporters – you WILL feel the Team Z support! You will still train with the team since their race is the following week. Plus…

12. You can always go to Cozumel with your Finisher’s medal, WATCH, GLOAT, and enjoy copious amounts of margaritas as you cheer your friends on (that’s my plan!).

13. You Are An Ironman sounds so much better than Usted Es (Spanish word es, not my name) Un Ironman!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Beach 2 Battleship 140.6 Race Report

Alternate Title 1 – What happens when a relay turns into an Ironman (screw you WTC, I’m using the term Ironman, it’s easier to type then Iron-Distance or Ultra-Triathlon)
Alternate Title 2 – Hey Rocky, Watch me pull an Ironman out of my hat!
Alternate Title 3 – Seriously, don’t try this!

Package Pick-up/Back Story
Many months ago I signed up to ride the 112 miles in an Iron-distance race. Well, I had a feeling that my swimmer was not going to show since I hadn’t heard from her since June and she never replied to any email that CH or I sent. So I packed my wetsuit, just in case. While at packet pick-up I finally heard from her, and sure enough, she wasn’t going to show.

OK – I’ll swim (I mean, the swim profile says it’s with current, how bad can 2.4 miles be??), bike, and CH will run.

CH and I start texting and I notice signs that she doesn’t want to run. She has been plagued with injuries so after some back and forth I tell her it’s OK if she doesn’t want to come down.

OK – I’ll swim, bike, and call it a day.

I went to the pre-brief and started thinking, I wonder if I could do the whole thing. I called Iron-Jason to see if he thought I could pull an Ironman out of my A$$ and he said go for it, what’s the worst that can happen.

I go back and forth in my brain and decide WTF, I’ll be a ROCKSTAR for trying, and a ROCKSTAR SUPERHERO if I finish.

I went and picked up the run portion of the packet, changed from relay to individual, and bought all kinds of gear and nutrition required for the race.

I got a decent night sleep, at least until 3 A.M, then the nerves kicked in. Alarm went off around 4 A.M., ate something and headed to the start.

Got all situated and found the Team Z-er’s that were going to swim. We put on our wetsuits and got on the bus to the start. It seemed like a very long drive for a 2.4 mile swim, then we got to stand in the cold waiting for the start. As we walked to the water (and the nerves were in high gear) I realized not only was I going to attempt an Ironman, I was about to get the crap beat out of me for about 15 minutes with the swim start. AWESOME! They corralled us up and blew an air horn, and the fun begins!

Swim 2.4 Miles – 1:30 in water, official time: 1:32:46 (includes run to timer)
Once again, I had an “easy” Ironman experience. I wasn’t hit, punched, swam over, nothing. I found my space and just tried to get comfortable. At first my goggles were leaking and they were driving me nuts. I finally got them situated and got into a groove. I did stop (way too often) to find the next buoy, but I still managed to stay in the groove. 2.4 miles is a very long way but I was never in pain (surprising since I only swam about 10 times, once being on Tuesday). The current wasn’t as strong as I was hoping and the water was very choppy but I’m pretty darn happy with my time.

T1 – 12:03
My first experience with a changing tent. Got out of my wetsuit and into my bike gear (it’s just as hard to get spandex on in a tent as out in the open). But I did take some time to really dry off, get some lube on, and to make sure I had everything. Grabbed Penny and headed out.

Bike 112M – Bike computer ride time 6:36 - Official Time (includes stops) 6:47:58 -
Mind-numbingly boring! Me no-likey 112 mile loops. Including the volunteers (who were awesome and I thanked whenever I remembered) there were less than 100 people out there cheering. Add the F-ING headwind for the first 80 miles and I was not a happy camper. Hydration was not an issue - I stopped at every porta-potty except at special needs (but stopped 10 minutes up the road at a mini-mart) and at the last stop.
For the first 30 miles I was convinced I would finish the race.
Miles ~31-60 I thought I’ll just stop at the half-way point on the run.
Miles ~61-75 – F-This, I’m stopping after the bike and drinking beer (I got screwed up on my nutrition for a bit and this was my bonking/crying in the porta-potty phase).
Got back on my nutrition track and started doing math, and for the rest of the ride I thought “Wow, at this pace I have plenty of time to finish this race”.

Oh, and notice the PR on the bike?! BOO-YA! (OK, it's 100% due to the lack of hills (mountains) compared to Switzerland).

T2 – 10:42
Absolutely thrilled to get off of Penny and I may have asked bike catcher to “throw that b!tch away”. Got changed, asked the volunteer to talk me out of heading out. She told me I was awesome for even trying so I headed out to the run. Another stop at a porta-potty (stupid hydration) and off I went.

Run 26.2 (or Not)- Time: ~3:00 (obviously not)
I s-l-o-w-l-y jogged out of transition and down the road until I rounded the corner to get on the overpass. I stepped on something that was jabbing into my foot so I took a moment to figure out what it was. Hmm, a nail, good thing I checked! I basically walked any incline and “ran” the rest. I had to stop at every other porta-potty, so maybe I’ll wear a diaper for my next Ironman. The crowd support was great through downtown Wilmington, but aside from that there was barely anyone out cheering. The sun set around mile 7 and it started getting chilly. By now, it felt like I was getting stabbed in my lower back with each step (car accident in the beginning of October) so between the pain, cold, and lack of crowd (oh, and the fact that I was only partially trained for the bike portion) I decided I was calling it a day at the ½ marathon point.

Overall: DNF I circled the cone at the turn around to ensure I did the whole ½ marathon and headed to the side of the finish area to turn in my chip and immediately burst into tears. I’ve only DNF’d one race (and I ended up in the hospital with pneumonia, bronchitis, and strep throat). I stopped and tried to talk myself into finishing at least 10 times before I got to where I could hand someone my chip. I gave my chip to a volunteer and said take this before I hurt myself. Went to the team tent, grabbed a steak and ate it caveman style. I soon realized I was exhausted so I caught a ride with Marie back to the hotel.

The following days
Quite honestly, I’ve been beating myself up. I still had 5 hours until the cut-off – I could have finished. Two days later there was no pain, which in my head means I should have pushed myself and finished.

But I’m putting this behind me and getting back on marathon training this weekend.

Oh, and signing up for Ironman Arizona on Monday – this one I will train for!

Friday, November 12, 2010

You know it's important if I blog by phone: I am doing Beach 2 Battleship 140.6 race tomorrow. Will fill you in on the back story and the results soon!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Marine Corp Marathon or No????

I ran 18 miles on 2 October, and actually felt really good and thought that perhaps, just maybe, I could actually be ready for MCM.

I got in the accident on 7 October.

I tried to run on 11 October and made it 1/4 mile before walking back to the car.

I rode 50 miles on Saturday (was suppose to do 100) and couldn't turn my head for the last 8 miles or so.

I spent the rest of the weekend on a heating pad in a muscle relaxer coma.

I'm bound and determined to do the B2B ride on 13 Nov since it's a relay and people are depending on me.

Do I dare even attempt MCM on 31 October?

It's too late to do a bib transfer and I already deferred from last year so I can't defer again.

I could go out and run as much as possible then call it a day.

But I know me and I don't believe in DNF.

Decisions, decisions...

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Damage

Mine needs new bumper, exhaust, bottom of the trunk, heat shield, sway bars, etc., etc., etc.:

Dude's - we haven't gotten the estimate back for what he needs, but if I were a betting person, I'd say a new front end and engine!

There are so many ways this could have been worse so I am thankful the only thing damaged were the cars.

I am still sore but I tried to run last night (GENIUS!) so I feel worse today then I did over the weekend. And as you may have guessed, I did not run over the weekend, did not do Warrior Dash, and did not bike my 90 or whatever miles. FAIL, FAIL, FAIL! I'm going to rest for the rest of the week and try to get close to 100 miles in on Sat and 20 in on Sunday.

Wish me luck!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Thirteen Things to Build Up to a Bad Ending!

I was having a normal day...

1. I hit snooze for almost an hour. It is so hard to get out of bed on these crisp fall mornings.

2. Free cup of coffee from 7-11 (bought a refillable cup, first 2 refills were free)

3. Work was fine, couple hiccups, but nothing earth-shattering.

4. My company sold a Business Unit out of my sector. Remember the woman that said she'd NEVER work for me from this post? Well, she was part of the divestiture and she has NO IDEA what she's in for with the company that bought them. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

5. After work, Dude met me and some IRONMEN for dinner at Mad Fox in Falls Church. Their Fig and Balsamic Bleu Pizza is TO DIE FOR!!!!

6. I got to hear Jason and Mark's IM-MOO stories. They both had good races - Jason (my IM-Swiss partner) PR'd by almost an hour and Mark did quite well in his first IM, especially considering he just learned how to swim this year!

7. A good time was had by all and we all get in our own cars and head for home.

8. And this is where the night turned to SH!T!!

9. Light turned yellow so I was coming to a stop and BLAM!! I get hit from behind.

10. I start calling the person who hit me every name under the sun, all too filthy to put in print, then I got out of the car, shaken up, but not injured...

11. You may have guessed it...yep, I know the person that hit me...and that person was Dude...FML!

12. End story, we are both fine. Both cars were towed/need repairs. The front of his car is toast - bashed in about 1/4 of the engine compartment. My car's hitch system pushed my exhaust to about the middle of the car. Again, FML!

13. And just so you know, it really sucks filing an insurance claim against someone you love!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

#58 - Cook 101 in 1001 - #42

I haven't blooged about the last 22 new recipes I've tried. Truth be told, I've probably tried more then that but I've also been a slacker on recording my 101 in 1001 progress. C'est la vie.

To summarize the 22 that I can remember:
13 are worthy of FOUR Fat Running Chefs - and may make a write-up in a future date
4 receive THREE Fat Running Chefs
4 receive TWO Fat Running Chefs
and 1 receives ONE Fat Running Chefs - only because I have to give it a rating. It actually went down the garbage disposal and we had Chinese take-out

Which brings me to number 42 of Cook 101 in 1001...

Tilapia and Mashed Yams with Pancetta-Sage Breadcrumbs from

Background story - On Tue/Thur nights, Dude gets home at about 9:45 which means we eat dinner after 10. We are both trying to eat more healthy and I want something quick/simple that late at night. This tilapia fit the bill.

Changes I made to the recipe:
To pair it down for just Dude and I used 3 tilapia fillets (two would have been plenty), halved the Pancetta and breadcrumbs (I used store-bought and next time I'd use 1/4 cup or less) and only used two small sweet potatos (less then a pound).

To lighten up the recipe I used Brummel & Brummel Yogurt Butter except for 1 Tbs for the Fish. And I added about 1 Tsp EVOO to fish,

For more flavor I added salt, cinnamon and nutmeg to the mashed yams and I added garlic sea salt to the fish.

Overall Assessment:
The prep work took less then 10 minutes (because I used the store bought bread crumbs).

Cook time - Everything could be done at one time - put the potatoes in the microwave when you start the pancetta - so it took less then 20 minutes from turning on the stove to serving. Add the prep work and that's a 30-minute meal!

Taste was just good. The fish needed a touch more seasoning, maybe cook it in garlic butter or garlic olive oil next time. There was too much breadcrumbs, like I said, I'd cut that in half. The mashed jams were good though.

Overall, I'd give this meal THREE Fat Running Chefs - and yes, this will make another (improved) appearance on Tue/Thur evenings.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Friday Edition of a Much Delayed Thursday Thirteen

1. Despite the lack of blogging – LIFE IS GRAND. And I really do have a lot on my mind, and talk myself through a blog post quite often. I just never have the chance to sit and type anymore.

2. I’m still “running” MCM…running, that’s funny! I’ve done two 16 mile runs so far. My next couple of weekend’s run mileage will be 18, 20, 16, 14, Race.

3. Two weeks after MCM is the B2B Bike Relay (Full Iron-distance). I’ve been loosely training for this. My next couple of weekend’s bike mileage will be 90, 100, 112, 60, 40 (MCM), 60, Race.

4. Somewhere in there I have a silly little Warrior Dash to do. Run through a pit of fire AND give me a furry warrior helmet. HELLS YEAH!

5. I suppose I should mention I rarely exercise during the week. Work, family, work, laziness, work, prior commitments, etc.

6. Even with the lack of exercise I’ve “maintained” my post Ironman weight. I gained about ten pounds in the depressing months following the race. I managed to lose five by Spring and have stayed there since. I’d still love to drop another 5-10 (marathon weight) but that would require eating less and exercising more.

7. A couple weeks ago a bunch of friends competed in Ironman Wisconsin. I couldn’t make the trip to cheer so I sat behind the computer and cyber-stalked them. WOW! It was fun to watch, text, message, etc. with people there and on-line. And it got me excited thinking about next year’s journey to Ironman Arizona!!!

8. My deal with Dude is I promised I wouldn’t be as obsessed about it as I was for Switzerland. I think I can make good on that…I know I can do the distance, I know my nutrition needs, I know what the training will be like…so I should be able to maintain some semblance of sanity

9. I got back from a week in Grand Cayman last Saturday all refreshed, relaxed, and happy. That lasted until around 10 am on Monday. Stupid job! Stupid career! Stupid need to stay clothed and fed!

10. While on vacation I realized I need to find something I’m passionate about (besides Dude, I can’t retire and do Dude…well I could but…). Once I identify that “thing” I need to try to make that a priority in my life.

11. The top things that come to mind are cooking (eating) and writing (reading). I suppose triathlon/exercise ranks up there, but that’s already relatively steady in my life.

12. So now what?! How can I turn these hobbies into something?! Anyone…Anyone…Bueller…

13. Holy crap – where has this year gone?? I just looked at my calendar and realized (1)it’s is October, (2) I’ve been incredibly busy since July and have done a ton of things, and (3) I haven’t been blogging about any of it!

BTW, did I mention I have a tattoo?

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

At long last...Musselman 70.3 Race Report

I am officially the worst blogger in the universe. And just so you know I’m only writing this race report so I can get to the cool picture at the end. Without further ado…

Package Pick-up Since nothing is popping to mind, I’m assuming it was uneventful.

Pre: Per the usual, Team Z rocks, pancakes with Nutella! We were also set up along the start/finish line so it was nice to be able to just hang out with the team before getting in the water.

Swim 1.2 Miles – 40:34 You could walk to the first buoy and that was my plan until I heard a guy talking about his brother’s best-friend’s cousin’s babysitter (or some strange relationship) that walked last year and fell and broke his ankle. DOH! So I swam. And I swear the course was lllooonnnggg. It felt like I was in there for an eternity and at one point I said if that next buoy is not the finish line I’m stopping. And I did, until someone ran into me and made me swim again. That swim SUCKED!

T1 – 3:10 So I put on the skirt to change and was shocked at how easy the bike shorts went on. I continued to get ready for the ride and when I went to put sunscreen on my legs I realized I still had my tri shorts that I wore during the swim on under my bike shorts. Clock was ticking so I decided to ride with both tri shorts and bike shorts. Would I pay for that later???

Bike 56.2M – 3:28 The answer is NO!!! It was actually quite comfortable. The bike ride ROCKED! I was cruising along thinking this course has NOTHIN’ on Mooseman, this is EZ-Peazy! Then I turned a corner and saw a steep wall disguised as a hill. The hills continued but overall it was a great ride and the scenery was GORGEOUS.

T2 – 4:53 This time I really did take off BOTH pairs of shorts and donned the compression shorts. No extra layers this time.

Run 13.1M – 2:31 My calves/ankle hurt at the beginning so I did the 10/2 run/walk. There was a lady that kept passing me and would chirp “you’re doing good” which got VERY annoying so I eventually passed her and never saw her again. The course was hilly and there was a soul-crushing gravel hill that lasted about a mile around mile 7. After that I ran everything except a couple of hills. The locals who were out cooling us off with their hoses are my new BFF’s – true saviors! Overall, I’m happy with my time but I do need to figure out what the heck is wrong with my calves/ankles though!

Overall 6:48 I thought I was going to PR this race and I was SOOOOOO close – two minutes to be exact! Dang-it!

SWAG Best ice-cream in the world, really good juice, a metal thermos, and a cool finisher medal made out a bike cassette (that I would later use as the outer ring of my tattoo).

Yep, you read correctly, I now have my Ironman tattoo. Instead of the MDOT I went conceptual to represent the sport instead of one race.

And now you know why I finally wrote this damn race report!

Friday, July 16, 2010

MicroMussel Race Report

Finally - My A Race.

An overview of the race: 100m (that's meter, not miles) swim, .6 mile trike (yeah, I mean tricycle), and .2 mile run.

And without further ado...Heeerrreeee'ssss my Radio Flyer (I'm ashamed to say I never named my trike):

Oh yeah, the IronWoman costume came out!


Pre: Winery stop on the way to the Lake. Quick veggie burrito at the Team Z tent. Chugged two beers in the rain and headed to the "real" race start.

Kevin (in his aero-helmet, Iron-Es, and Iron-Cat (CHEATER)

Swim: Cancelled due to thunderstorm. I wore my goggles for the race since I forgot my mask, and it WAS raining! Instead of the swim, we ran a traffic circle.

T1: Water was ankle deep at the beginning of transition and sloped up to mere puddles. I didn't know how the puddle situation would be like come race time, so I racked RF up on the rack.

Bike: Who'd-a-thunk a .6 mile ride would be so hard! I swear, the "hill" (slight slope) at the far end of the ride felt like IM-Swiss' Heartbreak Hill! The "Rulz" were your butt had to be on the trike the whole time. You had the option of pushing with your feet or pedaling. I chose pedaling! (Other then the behemoth thigh, I love this picture)!

Right at the end of the ride, Cat (forever more known as CHEATER), passed me. She chose to push with her feet and I later learned her butt was NOT on the seat the whole time.

T2: RF back on the rack and off on the run (I suppose I should mention, everyone wore their helmets for the whole race. SMART!

Run: I was a little back from CHEATER so I sprinted to catch up. Finally, close to the turn around I caught up to her and instead of racing fair, she threw an elbow and stuck her arms out so I couldn't pass. I was laughing so hard, I decided that if she needed to CHEAT, I'd let her have the race. OK, maybe not "have the race", she is a faster runner but she did CHEAT!!!

Final: 11:04, 7th out of ~14. Post race I disqualified CHEATER for not keeping her butt on the seat and declared myself 6th place finisher.

Loads of fun, but I felt every inch of that .6 mile ride in my hip flexers and abs for the rest of the weekend. I imagine next year will have far more then 14 racers, there's a $500 prize - the winner did it in 8 minutes.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

You Know What Thursday Means...

1. It's the start of my second 4-day weekend in a row! Boo-ya!

2. I'm now registered to relay the Beach 2 Battleship Iron-Distance race in November. I'm biking, a new Team Z'er is running, and Charlotte is running.

3. It's two weeks after Marine Corp Marathon...hope my legs will be ready for it!

4. Here's a surprise, I actually had fun "camping" last weekend. It helps that there was a cabin. And that everyone knew how I felt about camping so we got the room with the bed. So slept in a bed + incredible bug spray = fun camping.

5. Dude heard that I liked it so he's booked two more trips. Hope there's cabins wherever he's booked!

6. This weekend is Musselman!!!! Finally, a 70.3 that I'm somewhat, a little bit, trained for.

7. So, it's "OFFICIAL", I'm racing IRONMAN Arizona next year. Official is in quotes because I can't register until November.

8. I'm doing a Girl's Week in Grand Cayman for a week in September. There's extra room in the condo, anyone interested???

9. Someone is coming to look at my townhouse tonight. GULP, what if she wants to rent it?! Guess Dude and I are REALLY going to live together!

10. Lots of work to do on the house before someone moves, electric, yard work, wood floors, maybe ceramic in bathrooms.... All tax write-offs and increase value when it's time to sell.

11. Work is crazy busy but it's all good. Still looking for a replacement for myself!

12. Dude and I are going to Colorado next month. Woohoo - time with friends, time in the mountains. Oh, and we will be in a hotel!!

13. Marathon training is going well so far. Had a fantabulous run on Friday. Since then I've gotten some rides in but it's too flipping hot to run!

~~~~That's all, Folks!~~~

Thursday, July 1, 2010

13 Training related blurbs...

1. I've been training!!!! Seriously, I only miss about one swim and one bike ride a week.

2. ...You should remember that I don't do strength training......Or the optional Sunday swim...So those don't count!...

3. And this particular week has been bad - work, getting ready for weekend trip, excuses, excuses...

4. ...But this past weekend I did it all.

5. This coming weekend...well, if I can convince myself that I AM ON VACATION I will run 10 miles tomorrow morning (otherwise I'll work). Then Monday, I'm hoping to get some friends to ride 60 miles.

6. In between I'm camping.

7. Go ahead, ask me how much I'm looking forward to sleeping on the ground and getting eaten by bugs. Go ahead, ask me! I F-ing dare you)

8. I should mention that Musselman 1/2 Ironman is next weekend.

9. I'm more trained for this then IM 1/2 FL (which isn't saying much)!

10. My pal Timra got us some SWEET Tricycles for the Friday Night's Micro Mussel.

11. What's a MicroMussel??
Swim (100 yards) (or so) - Take a flying leap off the dock and start churning. A few seconds later, if all goes well, you'll come ashore at the boat launch.

Bike (0.6 miles) (roughly) - This is where the tricycle comes in - you could do it on a normal bike, but F that, you can also choose a tricycle or BigWheel.

Run (0.2 miles) (give or take) - This is where I might improvise and moonwalk for .2 miles. Or at least across the finish line!

12. Costumes are optional. Betcha I'll be in costumes.

13. Good times and limited memories on the horizon!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Let Me Tell You...

ER, House, Gray's Anatomy...



Turns out they don't actually try to diagnose a damn thing...

This is how a "Real" hospital works:

Patient (my mom - Mama Bear) arrives complaining about crushing chest pains, difficulty breathing, and naseous. Hospitals checks for everything heart related. Keeps patient overnight running blood tests. Give patient stress test at 11 am the following day. FINALLY - 8:30 PM Dr comes to see patient only to say "all your tests are normal, I'm discharging you" (without so much as producing a stethascope).

Patients children, "uh, hell no Dr. If it's not the heart, what's causing these symptoms in my mom?"

Dr, "all her cardiac tests are normal, she needs to follow up with her primary care physician to find out what's wrong with her".

I think he's still in a coma from the CLOSED FIST PUNCH TO THE SIDE OF THE HEAD!


Fast forward through 3-days of Dr visits Mama Bear is feeling better. They ruled out heart and gall stones (but did find lesions on her liver that now have to be monitored) but they still don't know what caused the cardiac pain/symptoms. They are blaming it on stress and acid reflux.

Poor Mama Bear!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Back in the Saddle (and other stuff)


Not horse saddle but bike saddle! As in I did a 50 mile hilly ride last weekend, the Tuesday night Conte's hill ride, AND 70 miles yesterday!! Can I get a WOOT WOOT?! OK, it wasn't quite 70 it was 67.5 but close enough! And for the record...I feel great while riding!!! I'm still slow as mollasses getting up the hills, but I am TRI-ing to get faster...TRI-ing to pull up versus pushing down...TRI-ing to figure out the shifting!

Speaking of shifting, my derailler is jacked up. The ride ended yesterday stuck in the granny gears so Penny goes back to the shop tomorrow.

Other then that, my running is lagging. After Musselman I will be going to the Dr about my foot/ankle issue. Or maybe after Marine Corp Marathon since that training starts the weekend of the 19th.

Other Stuff:
Today was the Cancer 2 5K race. I've been volunteering with them for 12 weeks and it's hard to explain the joy I felt watching "my runner" cross the finish line. She pulled her calf earlier this week so the coach told her she had to walk. Well, she wanted none of that so she did intervals and would stop when it really hurt, but kept moving and crossed the finish line running and smiling. I'm so proud of her and ALL of the C25K Runners today!

After the race I went to an Bethesda's awesome Farmer's Market so tonight's dinner is New York Strip with Arugula Pesto (homemade), Arugula/Asparagus/Ricotta Ravioli's with warmed garlic olive oil, and grilled tomatoes with some incredible cheese I bought at the market. BTW - all organic - all clean eating! Can't wait!

Speaking of which - it's time to head to Dude's to start cooking. (Oh, and after much delay, the house will be on the rental market next week)

Oh, and as an aside, I guess I should let you all know...





As in, if the Team picks it, I will be toeing the line once again!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Half Ironman in Hell…or Ironman FL 70.3 Race Report

I’ve been looking forward to this race...only because it was in Orlando so I would be seeing my family and maybe see some friends. Beyond that, it’s really hard to be looking forward to a Half when you’ve barely trained for a Sprint!

Package Pick Up/Registration – In true Ironman WTC fashion this was very well organized. My only issues were they did not say that the shirts were “women” sized so the large that I ordered (I like baggy t-shirts) is obscenely tight and will probably be given to Dude’s son (and it will probably be tight on him and he’s skinny)! The other issue was the Expo. I’m used to TRIATHLON Expos. You know, Expos with nutrition, bike stuff, and misc. gear that is often forgotten. Nope, there was one shoe place, a granola booth, then a bunch of advertisement type places for future races, training, peanut butter, grocery stores, etc. I didn’t pack Enduralytes or Chamois Cream because, well, these items are usually available at the Expo. Especially Enduralytes when you are racing in a hot climate! The remainder of my Saturday was spent looking for these items, failing to find them, and coming up with substitutes.

Pre: Woke up in plenty of time and made my way to Disney. The bussing system was well organized and timely. There early, all set-up and spent most of my time hanging on the beach calming my nerves.

Swim 1.2 Miles – 44:02 Slowest I’ve ever done 1.2 miles. I’m blaming that on it not being wetsuit legal. It had nothing to do with the fact I’ve only swam, oh, what, 12 times since December. It was the lack of wetsuit!!!!

T1 – 7:33 Apparently I stopped and wrote an epic novel. Seriously, over 7 1/2 minutes!! It was about a ¼ mile run on mulch to my transition area. For this race I was testing a new changing system. I put on a little skirt so I could strip down without violating the “No Nudity” rule and put on my bike shorts. This worked quite well at home, but putting bike shorts on a wet body caused some issues that bit into my time. Add that I had an end spot so I had an audience for this wrestling match and of course Mom’s taking pictures! Nice! Then the nose piece on my glasses kept falling off and instead of grabbing my spare shades I kept trying to fix them. Finally gave up, grabbed the other pair, and did the 10th of a mile run to the bike out.

Bike 56.2M – 3:18 Holy cow – look at that PR! Gotta love flat, fast courses. The only issue I had was the guy who shipped my bike put the tire on backwards so until the first rest stop I didn’t have mileage/speed/etc. There was A LOT of drafting going on. Seriously, why would you cheat yourself. Whatever! Nutrition was good, it wasn’t too hot, no mechanical issues. I loved that bike ride!

T2 - 6:43 Apparently I stopped and proof-read my epic novel. Seriously, almost 7 minutes!! Another 10th of a mile run to my transition area. I incorporated the changing skirt again to get into my compression shorts. Again, this worked at home, not so much with a sweaty body. I also debated with shin sleeves but since it was so hot, I decided against them. Thank Goodness! Sunscreen, fuel belt, devil horns on and I’m off!

Run 13.1M – An Eternity, or 3:00 The devil horns came in handy because this was truly triathlon HELL. It was 1,000 degrees, no joke. In each of the three (F-ING) loops, there was about 3 miles of “access rode” running which means tall grass, ruts in the roads, swamp on one side, trees on the other. NO SHADE, NO BREEZE. Did I mention it was 1,000 degrees? It turned into a Death March. People that looked in seriously better shape then me were wandering with a dazed look on their face. During my first loop, three people were getting carted off by ambulance for heat exhaustion. My mom said it looked like the finish line was getting hit with sniper fire – people would cross the line and collapse. When I finished there was a line of people on stretchers waiting for ambulances. At each rest stop I’d stuff ice in my hat, down my shirt, in the back and front of my shorts, and on each thigh. I’d then pour buckets of ice water on my head and within a half mile I’d be boiling hot again. It was a mental test to run for more then five minutes. The second loop I was able to “run” to each mile marker then walk for 3 minutes (or 4). Lap three I did that until mile 10. Heading into mile 11 I saw the back of a mile marker and begged to all things holy that it did not say 11 (I knew just how far I still had to go to get to the turn-around and back to that sign). Sure enough…11. I yelled (screamed would the better word) F***!!!!! The girl just ahead of me said "EXACTLY – this is F-ING ridiculous"! From then on I walked. Oh, I’d try to run 2:1 intervals but those were turning into 1:4. Mile 13, only one mile to go and my brain just said no. So I walked until I got to the crowd (adoring fans) and I ran. I definitely had a final sprint at the end since I barely ran anything. I have never been so happy to end a race, and boy howdy, did I smell bad!

Overall 7:17 – I remember getting off the bike thinking that I was going to PR. Silly me! Never, ever, ever, ever underestimate heat. I’d so much prefer to race in the cold! You can always put on more layers but you can only get so naked before they put you in jail.

I was expecting more swag since this was an Ironman sponsored event but for $275 I got a participant shirt (that doesn’t fit), hat, bag, a medal, and a poster. Mooseman cost less last year and in addition to all that (minus poster) we also got a finisher shirt and an awesome thermos…not to mention the margaritas. I never found the athlete’s area after the race (apparently it was quite a walk) so I didn’t get my pizza.

I also want to give a shout out to Tri Sport Express – the company I used to ship my bike down there. Professional, inexpensive, and absolutely stress free. Use them. Seriously, use them, not that other company!!! You’ll save $$$!!!

Six weeks till Mussel Man! I swear I’m going to start training...right after my 12 hours work days and my attempt to maintain a “normal” life!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Lots going on

and no time to blog.

First - I finally got my promotion. Woo Hoo and double WOOT!!! But now you know why the "no time to blog".

Second - Ironman FL 70.3 is on Sunday (Bib 1681, Wave 15, 7:03 start). Yep, Sunday, as in 3 days and a wake-up. And if you think my training has picked up from the pure laziness since October the answer would be a resounding NO. And the weather...upper 80's and sunny. This is going to be a SUFFER FEST!

I did run 2 1/2 - 3 hours two weeks ago - the run was fine but it was unseasonal HOT and HUMID. My body tends to shut down in those conditions (like I said, SUFFER FEST). Then on Sunday I rode 40 plus miles. The first 25 miles my eyes were swollen shut from the pollen. I took a Benadryl at the rest stop and was in a coma for the final 15. Literally, I put my elbows on my aero pads and closed my eyes whenever the road was straight. Just a little dangerous!

This past weekend Penny was in the shop. Instead of running I went on a hike with Dude. If you want to know the truth, I was kind of hoping that I would get injured so I wouldn't have to race this Sunday. No such luck - still healthy, still racing.

Racing, now that's a funny word.

I will compete. I will do my best. But I have no goals except -
Don't stop swimming, pedaling, or putting one foot in front of the other for 70.3 miles!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Guess What I Did...

...all of my half-Ironman training over the weekend! And by Sunday afternoon I was paying for it! How the hell did the folks who were finishing a three week build feel?!!

Saturday I went for a run…a 10-mile run at that - and it hurt!! Apparently I now need 3-miles to warm up. First 3-miles was flat-footed plodding as described in my race report then suddenly I was fine. For the training run I was able to stick to an 11 minute mile, including a 1 minute walk at each mile marker. Anyhow, 1-3 sucked, 4-7 was ok, 8-10 hurt...but in a good way. This weekend is Recovery Week but I’m going to do what I did with Shamrock training – 14 miles, three weeks before my half.

Sunday was my 48 mile bike ride. While 48 miles doesn’t seem like much in comparison to last year’s training but since October I’ve only ridden 51 miles and that was over three different occasions. Surprisingly, the bike ride went quite well. First 40 miles was easy-peasy, last 8, not so much. Uphill - the whole entire time! I swear!

What a difference a year makes. Last year nutrition was my 100% focus, this year, not so much! I showed up at the ride with one Gu for a 3 hour+ ride. I do think gels reproduce though because in my search of my car I did find two more and don’t know how/where they came from...or how old they were for that matter.

I got back home around 1:00, showered, and by the time we headed out for lunch I was STARVING. Dude took me for sushi and we more then slightly over indulged. After the fact I figured out everything we ordered (and finished): three special rolls (those are the big ones – 6 pieces each), two rolls (those skinny ones – 6 pieces each), two piece each of salmon, tuna, and fresh water eel.

Yep, 42 pieces of sushi, and three large beers split between the two of us. And please believe me when I say Dude had far more sushi then I did!

We finished (and they gave us some free wine, I think because we had the largest bill of the day) then did some shopping. Went home and neither of us can remember what channel we put on because we went into a sushi coma for about three hours.

Needless to say, there was no need for dinner! (Don't you love google image...the things you find)

Stay tuned…big news coming!!!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

RITB Sprint Relay Race Report / Thursday 13

Day two of triathlon began once again with a pancake with Nutella (Me after eating that pure yumminess).

I was jealous of Jason (1st pic) and Robin’s (2nd pic) MDot tattoos so I made my own (3rd pic - I couldn't see what I was drawing and apparently didn't finish coloring it in):

Bibianna was our swimmer and said she’d be the last one out of the water – she was wrong – she had a good swim.

I took off for the mount line and realized for the second day in a row I was in the wrong gear. Then I couldn’t clip in.

So I cussed a lot and really loud. (Sorry to all the parents who had their kids at the mount line)

I ran my bike to the top of the hill and started from there.

Decent ride, almost the same pace as Saturday but I could definitely feel the burning in my legs

Made it back and Rachel took off on the run.

I got in line for a massage but then headed to the finish to see Rachel finish – Big Smile on her face.

Then back in line for a massage.

It was cold and windy and I was having issues with all of the pollen in the air so I decided to skip the massage and headed home.

Overall Team Z Diva’s came in 14th out of 24. 21st on the swim, 5th for T1, 9th for bike, 15th for T2, and 11th for the run.

All in all a great Tri-Weekend with Team Z!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Rumpass in the Bumpass Oly Race Report = Brain Fart

First tri of the season and I found that I have forgotten more about triathlons in the past 7 months then I care to admit!

Pre: Team Z Rulz! It was fun to see the nervous newbies, catch up with the veterans, and found a new love for a pancake with Nutella as a pre-race snack. Thanks Lindsay! Couple brain fart moments – I couldn’t remember where/how to attach the bike number, didn’t bring scissors/tape, and forgot sunscreen (I paid for this later).

Swim 1,500 M – 34:42 Over 1 minute faster then Nation’s Tri – probably had more to do with swimming a straight line then anything else. This was by far the choppiest water I’ve ever swum in and got flipped on my back a few times. Brain fart moment – I had taken my goggles off for pictures and started to swim out to the start line with my goggles on top of my head. DOH!

T1 – 2:34 Almost a minute faster then Nation’s. It was a long way from my bike to the mount line and running in bike shoes bites!

Bike 40K – 1:26 Five minutes slower then Nation’s. Had fun on the ride and considering this was only my second time on Penny since October. Per the usual, I need to work on hills…and have a talk with Mother Nature about winds on race day. Brain fart moment - I forgot to check what gear I would need to be in coming out of transition. Bottom of a hill, big gear = FAIL! Then I couldn’t clip in. Rookie mistakes!

T2 - 2:24 One minute faster then Nation’s. First race since Kinetic (May last year) that my knee was not hurting! WOOT! Brain fart moment – I forgot to put my speed laces on my new shoes and this was the first time I had to tie my shoes in a very long time. I did take the extra minute to put my devil horns on though.

Run 10K – 1:14 Twelve (yep, twelve) minutes slower then Nation’s. I’ve been having a problem running lately. For the first 2-3 miles, I have no motion in my right ankle so I flat-foot plod along…very, very, very slowly. About the time I’m ready to call it a day the motion returns and I can run again. So, I’d say my first 3 miles were at a run/walk pace of 13+ minute miles. Eventually, I may have gotten to an 11 minute pace, but I did walk the hills and the portion through the woods where roots were bigger then what I could lift my legs at this point. No final sprint – I was DONE!

Overall 3:20 – 14 minutes slower then Nation’s. Not real happy with the results but considering the sheer lack of training it is better then I deserved! Also, due to lack of base strength, this was the first time I left everything on the course. Like I said, no final sprint because I just couldn’t. I took off my shoes to get in the lake for an ice bath and found that the front of my right ankle down to the arch was grossly swollen and it hurt to walk. I should probably get that looked at but FL ½ Ironman in less then a month.

Rumpus in the Bumpass = great way to start the tri-season!

Stay tuned for the Rumpus in the Bumpass Sprint Relay Race Report.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Travel Thirteen

Everyone should be required to shower or at a minimum wear deodorant before boarding a plane.

Tip the curbside check-in folks well - and have the money showing as they are doing your ticket - sometimes they will move you to better seats.

Claim the armrest as soon as possible. Once you lose control it’s gone forever.

Think about what you are wearing before heading out the door. And men, a button down sleeveless shirt is NEVER an option.

Don’t judge me by the trashy magazines I’m reading. I swear, I only read them when flying (or waiting for my nails to dry).

Just check your bags. Nowadays there is never enough room for everyone’s rollers and now you’re just holding us all up.

Even if you don’t feel like you need to, go to the restroom before getting on the plane.

I still don’t understand the boarding number thing. Shouldn’t it be window seats first, then middle, then aisle. And if that’s the concept, why are people sitting everywhere?!

Book early and try to get the Economy Plus. The extra leg room is SOOOOO worth it!

I never turn off my phone or iPod when they tell me to.

Automatic soap dispensers rarely work. And I'm not a fan of the automatic flushing toilet.

Never, never, never book an early morning flight out of Vegas! You WILL oversleep!

Sometimes, $6 for horrible wine on the plane is worth EVERY penny!

Some final "what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" ramblings to make you wonder:
Some things are a "Party in Your Mouth", "Tearing it Up" hurts once you're past a certain age, Pole Dancing is hazardous, and shots are always a bad idea!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Food (x13)

I’m focusing on food because I went to swim practice this morning (2,500 meters in 60 minutes) so after morning swim practice, as typical

1. I don’t like crust on toast but I love pizza crust and I eat the crust on my sandwiches first.

2. If I ever invite you over for a meal, just come over. I’m 97% positive you will enjoy the food (100% sure you’ll enjoy the company).

3. But you should know I taste with the same spoon I’m stirring with.

4. If something falls on the floor I throw it away – no 5-second rule in my kitchen.

5. I don’t like tomatoes in/on my burgers or sandwiches. I do like the slices next to my food with a little salt on them.

6. Despite my aversion to tomatoes in my food, I do like tomato sauce and salsa.

7. I prefer my sandwiches cut diagonally.

8. It annoys me when people put salt/pepper on their food without tasting it first.

9. I don’t like green bell peppers but I like red, orange, and yellow ones.

10. Further proof that I was switched at birth - I do not like spicy food! Yep, I’m a disgrace to the Mexi-Rican community! Knowing that there’s an Italian girl out there that hates pasta and lives for spicy Mexican food makes me feel a little better when ordering everything “as mild as possible”!

11. I now make my tuna fish with tzatziki sauce (2 Tbs = 30 calories) instead of reduced fat, light mayo (2 Tbs = 98 calories) or regular Mayo (1 Tbs = 114 calories). So not only is it better for me, it adds a little zing that is mmm, mmm, good.

12. I try not to order guacamole when out in public. Only because I have to stop myself from licking the bowl like I do at home (only when I’m alone or at least out of eyesight of others).

13. I'm also not very good at sharing said guacamole. See that picture, yep, that would just be for me!!!

All this talk makes me HUNGRY!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

ShamROCK Half Marathon

If you’ve been following my blog, you may have noticed winter training has been few and far between. A couple weeks ago I forced myself to run 14 miles to prove to myself that I could do it. Needless to say, I had little aspirations for this race. My unofficial goals were: ultra stretchy goal of 2:17 (about 10:30 min mile) to expected 2:23 (11 min miles).

This was also my 1st Half Marathon only so regardless it would be a PR.

Day Before – Saturday I drove to Virginia Beach and by recklessly speeding I was able to catch up with Ken and Brian. We followed each other in and went straight to the expo. I proceeded to do some shopping and bought these:

And this cute little necklace (it's on a black rubber "chain"):

Oh, and some gel (never ate) and ANOTHER race belt. Had an incredible dinner then back to the hotel for some much needed rest.

Lori and I agreed to run with each other. We ended up in the wrong corral – a little too slow so we were passing people left and right. We got to the first mile marker, checked the watch: 10:15. YIKES! SLOW DOWN!

Miles 2-10 – We slowed down to 11 min mile and I was feeling great. I told Lori that if I still felt this good at the half way point I’d speed up a bit. Well that didn’t happen. The aches started around mile 7 so our plan changed to speed up for the final 5K. We got to the 10 mile mark and I started to speed up as I heard Lori yell I’ll see you at the finish.

Mile 11 – ~ 10:45 pace – Felt good, keep going.

Mile 12 – ~ 10:30 pace - Still good, not that much further to go.

Mile 13 – Under 10 minutes. Yeah Baby!! One mishap – I was trying to pass someone as I was going around a cone. My foot caught the cone and thankfully I was able to stumble and did not face-plant. What a klutz!

13.1: Rounded the corner to get on the boardwalk and I could see the King Neptune statue and started sprinting. Quickly realized I started sprinting a bit too soon so let off a bit. Once I could see the word FINISH I went back into sprint mode. Saw two Team Z’ers up ahead and tried with all my might to catch them but to no avail.

Got across the line and felt GREAT! Got my medal, and hat, and shirt, and water, and banana. They had some other stuff to give out but my hands were full.

My time? 2:20:24!!! And I celebrated with some Yuengling Light then went to watch the marathon finishers.

Two days later – I’m feeling great, very little residual pain. But I have this nagging question in my head…

How well could I have done if I had actually trained.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Swim, Dude, Work - Thursday 13

1. I made swim practice this morning

2. Only because I had to drop off an armoire to Tom and I’m not going to make the Team run this weekend

3. Practice was great – tiring at first but fine by the end – even with all those Zone-4 sets and the one Zone-5 set!

4. I think I could build back to my speed again if I was disciplined enough to go twice a week

5. I did enjoy my 7-11 coffee this morning. You’d think that would be enough incentive to go twice a week!

6. I feel sorry for the swim coaches. They must get tired of telling me that I cross my arms too far across my head on the catch (especially when I’m tired).

7. Dude took the day off and took me to lunch today.

8. To Bertucci’s! Mmm, thin crust pizza!

9. Even with a lunch break I will have 12 hours in today. That brings me up to 46 and I have another 11 – 12 hours day tomorrow.

10. Did I mention my promotion is almost in the bag?!

11. And one of the women that would eventually fall in my organization told me straight up that she “will NOT work for me”. She said that…to my face.

12. I thought “don’t let the door hit you in the A$$ on your way out”!

13. I wish I had the COJONES to say it! To HER face!

Friday, March 5, 2010


Dude has a 10-year old son and just this week I came to the realization that I have a 10-year old child as well. (I’m a little slow, give me a break)

Obviously I didn’t give birth to him and he’s not legally my step-child, but I essentially have a 10-year old.

You see, I’ve always considered him Dude’s son - someone I saw once a week and every other weekend. Don’t get me wrong – I am involved in his life. I’m on homework duty when we have him (go ahead, ask my about Martin Luther King Jr and long division). I cook for him, shop for him, clean up after him. I (try to) make him abide by my rules. You know, all the basic parental responsibilities. But it’s going to the next step now – I find myself worrying about him - his happiness, his future, his health, everything.

This realization that I’m now a part of a family in which I have responsibilities to a child came about when I was debating joining them on a Boy Scout Family weekend trip.

I have A LOT of work that I should do. I have a run that I should get in. It’s supposed to be nice this weekend so there was even the potential to get a bike ride in. Oh, and I haven’t had a pedicure in months! MONTHS! So I was being my normal *selfish* me and thinking, "cool this is going to be “my” weekend while they’re gone".

*I mean this in a relatively positive way – It’s easy to be selfish when there is just you and a “loved” one (quotes refer to the ex) to take into consideration. *

But the more I thought about bailing out on the weekend, the more I realized that Dude is my family. And since he’s my family, that means HIS family is MY family and I have to be an active part of it. No more sitting on the sidelines and joining in when it fits my schedule.

Once the light bulb switched on I realized that this IS what I want.

This is my life now.

It certainly was never in my plans but it is just where I want to be.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Weekend Wrap Up

Friday night Dude & I went to see Strongman & Heidi's 14-year old play at Ned Devine's - KISS cover band. But first I had a couple people over for munchies and drinks. Overall Good Time! We did learn that we are NOT bar-hoppers. Between my house, the concert, then we dropped by another place we were POOPED. I suppose I should mention that it was all of 1030. We Are LAME!

Saturday was a sad day. We went to Dude's Dad's house to check on him/make sure he's taking care of himself/visit/help him with the house. I won't get into details, but I will say I called my mom the next day and asked for a POA. The deal I told her was once she's past a "certain age" if the four of us kids unanimously agree something is in her best interest, we can make decisions for her. Not necessarily to put her in a home, but little things like house/car maintenance decisions.

Sunday I went for a run. First I want to say that I found the joy of running again - there's just something about running in near perfect weather after a long hiatus. To prove to myself that I could run the 1/2 marathon in 3 weeks, I decided to run 14 miles. Take that 1/2 marathon! I ran almost SPOT ON 11 minute miles (HR at ~160 - FYI my Zone 2 is high 140's). I am paying for ignoring Zone 2. Screaming Quads. Aching IT Bands. And sore, sore, sore hip flexors. But I did it - I know I'll be fine at Shamrock!

So, last Thursday I said, "This weekend’s goals are install a garage door opener (Fail - but purchased), chop down a tree (Success), fix a light fixture (Half-fail - bought/installed what we thought was needed but apparently we have to get a whole new fixture), stage my house (Fail), run 10-12 miles (Success +2 miles), and work on my new blog (Fail)." C'est la vie - tomorrow is another day!

That's all folks - work is going to be Insane this week so I'm not sure if I'll be checking in again.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thursday Thirteen Random Thoughts

1. So far I’m doing so-so on my Non-Catholic Lent. No brussel sprouts, shoveling snow, watching professional sports, or time on the trainer. Still have to commute everyday though.

2. I’ve also only had one Barq’s Root Beer and not a single Disaronno’s! See, so I have sacrificed something I like!

3 weeks to Shamrock ½ Marathon

4. I have stayed true to my New Year’s promise to myself. I made myself the deal that I could only get my 7-11 coffee on mornings I go to swim practice and Friday’s. So far, I haven’t made swim practice and I’ve only stopped on Friday mornings.

5. I have to change lanes so it makes it difficult to get to the 7-11 to resist the temptation. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

6 weeks to VEGAS BABY! Girl’s Weekend in Vegas – we’re going to go to the spa, see Le Reve and take a Stripper 101 class (hey – I hear it’s a great workout and who couldn’t gain from learning how to shake that boot-ay!)

7 weeks to first Tri (RumpASS in the BumpASS Oly and Sprint Relay)

8. This weekend’s goals are install a garage door opener, chop down a tree, fix a light fixture, stage my house, run 10-12 miles, and work on my new blog.

9. Yep, I’m going to abandon this blog and move to another. More details to follow – but it will be about training, racing, life, and cooking – just more Type-A organized then this one.

10. My house goes on the market next week. For Sell? For Rent? For Sell? For Rent? For Sell? For Rent? For Sell? For Rent? For Sell? For Rent? For Sell? For Rent? For Sell? For Rent? For Sell? For Rent?

11 weeks to first 70.3 of the year (Ironman Florida 70.3)!

12. There are big changes coming at work and I’m one of the few that knows about them. I don’t like being “in the know”!

13. I registered for the WARRIOR DASH for 9 October. It’s a 3.1 mile run, but there’s obstacles, like mud pits, a wall, and rappelling. Oh, did I mention you get to run through fire. "Fire, Fire, He He"! {Beavis & Butthead reference} They also give away warrior hats – furry warrior hats with horns. How could I NOT sign up!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Freezin’ For A Reason – Polar Plunge “Race" Report

This past Saturday was the Freezin’ For A Reason Polar Plunge to raise money for Camp Sunshine.

Pre-Pre Race:
Friday: To prep for the race I cooked for a couple hours on Friday night in preparation for the Post Polar Plunge Party (PPPP) – menu included my Turkey Chili, Corn Bread, some Cheese Bread, an addicting Ramen Salad, Red Pepper Wrapped Mozzarella Balls, and a platter of Roasted Red Peppers, Italian Meats, and Marinated Olives.

I also prepared my “race” outfit that consisted of sparkly tights, a skirt, bathing suit top, a cape, red mask, red swim cap, and some gloves. That’s right, I was going to plunge as a Superhero…an IRONWOMAN to be exact (cape said FEXX – FE=Iron, XX=Female).

Saturday – Got up bright and early, finished cooking, had some oatmeal, then headed to Heidi’s (PPPP house). But first I had to stop to get two bottles of vodka for the PPPP. Got to her house, had some wine, suited up, and headed to the plunge location. On the way, Timra was kind enough to lend me some hooker boots to complete my ensemble.

I didn’t want** to post these…but here are the pre-plunge pics:

Before we could jump, they had to break through the ice. While they did that, I shared some pre-race nutrition in the form of vodka and OJ.

So, we all got in line and before you know it, it’s our turn to jump (I jumped with my co-worker Alison).


Unofficially - I won. I mean, I did beat Alison to the ladder! And, just so you know, hooker boots make it very difficult to climb a ladder...especially when you are trying to hold your boobies in!

All in all, it felt like we were in the water for around a minute. Watching the video, turns out it was 7 seconds. Got into warm, dry clothes, headed to the PPPP where full-fledged partying ensued.


**After seeing the fat gut in the pics, I’ve worked out every night this week and have implemented food journaling again. Time to lose the gut!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ash Wednesday

I'm not Catholic so I don't actually give anything up, but I've been thinking about what I would be WILLING to give up.

And in between thoughts the following things were ELIMINATED from that list:

Fat Free French Vanilla Creamer
Coke Zero
Barq's Root Beer
DeSarrono (however it's spelled/pronounce)
Exercise (only because I have a race sometime during Lent)
Greek Yogurt
My BlackBerry
Chicken (well, meat in general)
Brown Rice
Hot Showers

So far, here's the list of what I am willing to give up for Lent:
Shoveling Snow
Watching Professional sports on TV
Brussel Sprouts
Training on my trainer (Penny has been set up on it since December and I've been on it less then 2 hours - not in a row)

So there you have it folks - apparently I'm giving up brussel sprouts for however long Lent lasts.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I Need A Vacation...

In case you have been living in a cave, the Northern VA area has been hit with snow. And by hit, I mean CLOSED FIST PUNCH TO THE SIDE OF THE HEAD.

2 Ft+ over the weekend and expect another 2 Ft tonight.

Are You Fricking Kidding Me?!?!

On a pretty note, here are two of my favorite pictures that Dude has taken this weekend:

Rewind to Thursday I started to feel sick (Dude was sick Mon/Tue). Worked 1/2 day Thurs then from home on Friday. Ventured out for groceries on Friday - who knew milk and frozen pizza are survival items for snow weekends?!

Friday evening did the pre shovel - about 6 inches at 9pm.

Got up Saturday and went to shoveling. About four shovels in my back was aching (remember it was hurt a couple weeks ago). Fifth shovel I heard two loud pops (not to be confused with the typical cracking of my old ass bones) and both legs went numb. If I wasn't holding the shovel I would have went down. I spent the rest of Saturday and Sunday in bed in a whole lot of pain. Luckily, my back was hurting a couple weeks ago so I had some leftover drugs to self-medicate (and I may not be a doctor but I watch them on TV and low and behold come Monday I was feeling a lot better). Not 100% by any means, but hey, I'm out of bed and able to move.

Monday I worked from home...again. Oh, and I made some INCREDIBLE crab-filled homemade raviolis. Love my pasta machine!

Tuesday - worked from home again. I can get out and I could go to work but Dude can't work from home. See, he drives an Austin Mini (no, he's not gay) and the people parked next to him decided to dump their snow against and in front of his car. So, he gets my SUV until...Spring.

You have noticed no mention of workouts. Well, I've been watching the Team email and all those NOT living in the sticks have been sharing their apartment/condo gyms, getting to pools, using their trainers, etc. And what have I been doing?

Sitting on my ass doing a lot of nothing.

And I almost feel guilty about it!

Come on Mother Nature - Is This All You Got?!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Damn You Punxsutaney Phil

That's right, Damn you, you furry GROUNDHOG!

I want to run - I really do. But I am a Fair-Weathered Athlete and I won't run in snow, in anything below 30 degrees, or on the treadmill for over an hour.

A girl has to have her limits.

In case you didn't know, that little F-ER predicted six more weeks of winter. And to kick things off here in NO-VA, we are expecting 3-6" tonight (Tue) and even more this weekend.


Friday, January 29, 2010

Modified 13

As in you'll only get 8!!

I love my job

This week has been a "Eat More, Exercise Less" week and I'm up a pound. My job is relentless and the one night I could have went to the gym I went to Happy Hour. I deserved it! Yep, you read that right, I haven't done anything (except sit-ups one morning) since last Saturday. I'm suppose to run 14 miles on Saturday but rumor has it that it will only be 18 defreeze. Maybe I'll just lounge around the house and drink Bailey's laced hot cocoa.

I hate my job

My brother arrives in DC tonight for the weekend. Originally he was going to stay at my place but then I heard (through the grapevine) that he got a hotel. WHATEV! I emailed him to see about meeting for dinner and he said sure but didn't make any plans (again, through the grapevine I've heard that they have everything planned, from arrival to departure with everything in-between). Should I take the hint? I'll be mad if he completely blows me off. We have an odd relationship - best of friends growing up and we still get along great but neither of us are the greatest communicators. Basically out of sight, out of mind. When I go down to FL to visit we'll go out and have fun then not talk for another year. Weird, I know.

I love my job

I mentioned going to happy hour. One of my favorite things about HH (aside from good company, adult beverages, and yummy wings and nachos) is I get to drive by this take out joint called (and I swear I'm not making this up) "MEAT IN A BOX". And just so you know, I think sexual innuendo every time I see the sign (then I giggle). Yes, I am that juvenile. Seriously, MEAT IN A BOX! (I'm giggling just typing it). Someday I just may have to pop in and get me some.

I hate my job

I've mentioned my insomnia. This weeks story - There's this traffic circle that I go through EVERY SINGLE DAY on the way to work. In my sleep deprived state, I apparently missed my exit and kept going. It took a few minutes until I realized I had NO IDEA where I was. I actually had to use my nav system to find my way to my office.


Monday, January 25, 2010

9 - 13

Dang it, I couldn’t even do the three days in a row. If it’s any excuse, I worked 12.5 hours Thursday night, busy on Friday, and I make it a goal to not get on my computer over the weekend.

9. 2010 Motivational Plan – It’s going ok – I’m a little behind on my monthly $$$ goal because my back pain made me miss a week. I’m learning that in addition to the monetary incentive, it helps when I have someone depending on me to show up. Jason texted me the other day and we met at the gym to work out. I also made the team run because I told him I’d be there. GREAT 2 hour run with Jill!!! Didn’t make Sunday’s bike ride though – too tired and it was raining.

10. Sleep Deprivation – Every once in awhile insomnia hits me like a mack truck. And it’s been running me over for about three weeks now. Basically I sleep for 2 hours, I’m wide awake for 2 hours, repeat until the alarm goes off at 5:40. I’m exhausted, I’m grumpy, and my concentration is shot. I AM MISERABLE!

12. Social Networking – How much is too much? I Blog, I Facebook, I Email, I Text, I’m Linked-in, my Blackberry is always within reach, and I have a Twitter account (but I’ve never twitted – and I find it odd that strangers are following me even though I like that strangers read my blog – I’m just weird like that!) Is all of this really necessary though?

12. Weight – Remember that whole thing I said about eating less and exercising more. Well, it still works. I’m down 4 lbs! 5 till I’m semi-happy, 7 till I’m happy, and if only I could lose 11.4 I’d be ecstatic!

13. Zone Workouts – As you know, I haven’t exactly been keeping with the training schedules. Well last weekend I did 8 miles at “my pace” (what felt good, versus monitoring my heart rate) and was a little sore on Sunday – not horrible, but there was some tenderness. Sunday, Jill and I did 10 miles, pure zone 2, and no pain. None, Zilch, Nada. The stuff works people – try it!!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

5-8 of 13

Day 2 of catching up. Today’s topics vary – I’ve decided to go alphabetically with my list of subjects I’ve jotted down over the past two weeks.

5. Baby Factory – as in it’s time to shut mine down. TMI but I’ve been having girl issues and all the research points to being on the pill for many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many years. A couple years ago I asked the Dr about “getting fixed” and he said he’d do it (odd since I was 36 and I don't have kids). I chickened out (worried that the biological clock would come to life). Now that I’m nearing 40 and the biological clock has been relatively quiet (I hate to admit I have had my moments in the past year - darn that whole being in love thing). So, it’s time to really look at and weigh the options.

6. Exercise – Just to catch up, last week I hurt my back so I didn’t do a damn thing. Seriously, not a single exercise for over a week. I was finally feeling better on Friday, but that’s a rest day according to the schedule (shut up!). Saturday I ran the 8 miles I mentioned yesterday. I should mention I was only suppose to do 5 but it felt so good that I just kept going. Sunday = weights, Monday was a holiday so I took the day off (shut up!), Tuesday = easy run and I tried to swim but the pool at the gym was full, Tonight is speedwork and weight lifting, tomorrow spin, Friday is weights, Saturday 10 mile run, and we’ll see about biking on Sunday (weather dependent). Did you notice the increase in weight lifting – yep, something new that I’m trying. We’ll see how long this lasts!

7. Light Weight – Speaking of weights, I’m officially a light weight. Not girth. Not ability to lift. Nope, my ability to drink is gone! I haven’t made it through a 2nd glass of wine in quite awhile. And quite frankly, I don’t know if this makes me happy or sad. I use to love me my wine!

8. Money - Is it just me or does “something” come up EVERY FRICKING month? Every month I think, ok, this is the month I will save money. Then the water heater breaks, or I have team membership to pay, or races to sign up for to avoid price increases, or the car needs maintenance, or gifts need buying, etc., etc., etc. Just once I’d like to have a savings month! Oh well, maybe next month.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

1-4 of 13

1. Work – BUSY, BUSY, BUSY! Well obviously I’ve been busy since I haven’t blogged in, oh, about forever. I owe 2 weeks of Thursday 13 and I have no time to think about it much less write. So for this week, I’ll build up to the full 13 by Thursday then maybe I’ll get back into some sort of rhythm. Any-who – back to the work thing, in addition to my day to day job (and increasingly frustrating dealings with one of my divisions) I am trying to launch a Program, Planning, and Control Organization at my company. This is something near and dear to my heart and something I was very involved with at my last company. So far, people seem interested but I’m not quite feeling the love. Trying to get it kicked off by 1 April…yikes!

2. Race Schedule Thoughts – 1st of all, I already missed the first race of the season – didn’t feel like driving in to DC. Instead, I ran 8 miles around my neighborhood to include hills, trail, ice, traffic dodging, and an overwhelming desire to stop at Starbucks. Minor changes to the schedule: see #4 for Feb and I changed my mind (saved some money) by just signing up for the micro-Mussel and the Musselman in July (no Sprint). The big change – after looking at the schedule, I realized that if I did Marine Corp Marathon and tried to relay the swim and bike at B2B I would basically be training for a fall Ironman – it would just be in a different order and I’d have a REALLY long transition between run and swim. I don’t want to train for an Ironman this year (said in a whining voice) so I’ll just relay B2B either just the swim or just the bike.

3. Procrastination – You may have noticed I haven’t mentioned the whole living arrangements for awhile. Truth be told, I’m procrastinating. First off, it’s scary thinking about selling my house to live with someone (even though it is Dude). But mainly it’s because I don’t want to live at his current townhouse for too long. I’ve been waiting for him to show some initiative about getting his place ready to sell before listing mine and guess what…just this weekend he did just that. Looks like it’s really going to happen!

4. Freezin’ for a Reason – this is my February thing. Not really a race. Well maybe a race to see who can get out the fastest! This is a charity event raising money for Camp Sunshine. Camp Sunshine is pretty cool, in that it is a camp for terminally ill children AND their entire family. Imagine, the terminally ill child has some fun, the siblings who may have been put on the back burner for a bit get to have some fun, and the parents get a bit of a respite from the stress of caring for an ill child. Pretty cool! Now, for those of you NOT in VA, take a look at their website – they are all over the North East (and one in Seattle). If you don’t care to take the plunge, you could donate (my site). And for those of you in the Northern VA area that aren’t going to plunge, again, you could donate. Or come on out and watch.

Stay tuned for number 5-8 tomorrow…

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

2010 - Bring It!

Here it is – the much anticipated race schedule (subject to change whenever I feel like it)

Jan 16 – DC Road Runner Club’s JFK 5K – no goal. OK, I want to break 30 minutes (shut up speed demons!). A couple years ago – before Ironman training - I did a 5K in 23 minutes. My, my, my how times change!

Feb – Nothing yet – possibly the GW Birthday Classic

Mar 21 – Virginia Beach Half Marathon – Hopefully my runner cousin will be joining me on this trip (she’ll do the full marathon). Goal = 2:20

Apr 17-18 – Rumpass in the Bumpass Triathlon Weekend – This year I’m thinking of racing both the Olympic and the Sprint. If not both, race the Oly and relay the sprint (bike leg). Goals: Olympic under 3:10/Sprint under 1:20

May 16 – Ironman FL 70.3 – this is going to be fun. Family and high school friends are going to be lined up to cheer me on (and possibly provide a beer stop on the run). Goal = 6:40

Jun – Nothing – recovery and rebuild for…

Jul 9-11 – Musselman – Team Z event. I’m thinking all three events:
Friday - micro-Mussel (100 yd/.6 m tricycle or bigwheel/.2 m) - Goal – HAVE FUN!
Saturday - mini-Mussel (750m/16.1 mile/3.2 mile) - Goal – HAVE FUN!
Sunday - Musselman Half Iron(1.2 mile/56 mile/13.1 mile). Goal – HAVE FUN!

Aug – Nothing – Recovery and begin Marine Corp Marathon training in the dreaded heat wave that IS Northern Virginia!

Sep – MCM Training

Oct 31 – Marine Corp Marathon – deferred from 2009 – this is a race I have always wanted to do. At the very least it will be inspirational! Goal: 4:59:59

Nov 13 – Beach To Battleship Iron Distance RELAY – I’m looking for someone willing to run a marathon because I want to try the swim and bike. This is a potential Iron-Distance race in my future. Goal – HAVE FUN!

Dec - Nothing but relaxation!