Friday, January 29, 2010

Modified 13

As in you'll only get 8!!

I love my job

This week has been a "Eat More, Exercise Less" week and I'm up a pound. My job is relentless and the one night I could have went to the gym I went to Happy Hour. I deserved it! Yep, you read that right, I haven't done anything (except sit-ups one morning) since last Saturday. I'm suppose to run 14 miles on Saturday but rumor has it that it will only be 18 defreeze. Maybe I'll just lounge around the house and drink Bailey's laced hot cocoa.

I hate my job

My brother arrives in DC tonight for the weekend. Originally he was going to stay at my place but then I heard (through the grapevine) that he got a hotel. WHATEV! I emailed him to see about meeting for dinner and he said sure but didn't make any plans (again, through the grapevine I've heard that they have everything planned, from arrival to departure with everything in-between). Should I take the hint? I'll be mad if he completely blows me off. We have an odd relationship - best of friends growing up and we still get along great but neither of us are the greatest communicators. Basically out of sight, out of mind. When I go down to FL to visit we'll go out and have fun then not talk for another year. Weird, I know.

I love my job

I mentioned going to happy hour. One of my favorite things about HH (aside from good company, adult beverages, and yummy wings and nachos) is I get to drive by this take out joint called (and I swear I'm not making this up) "MEAT IN A BOX". And just so you know, I think sexual innuendo every time I see the sign (then I giggle). Yes, I am that juvenile. Seriously, MEAT IN A BOX! (I'm giggling just typing it). Someday I just may have to pop in and get me some.

I hate my job

I've mentioned my insomnia. This weeks story - There's this traffic circle that I go through EVERY SINGLE DAY on the way to work. In my sleep deprived state, I apparently missed my exit and kept going. It took a few minutes until I realized I had NO IDEA where I was. I actually had to use my nav system to find my way to my office.


Monday, January 25, 2010

9 - 13

Dang it, I couldn’t even do the three days in a row. If it’s any excuse, I worked 12.5 hours Thursday night, busy on Friday, and I make it a goal to not get on my computer over the weekend.

9. 2010 Motivational Plan – It’s going ok – I’m a little behind on my monthly $$$ goal because my back pain made me miss a week. I’m learning that in addition to the monetary incentive, it helps when I have someone depending on me to show up. Jason texted me the other day and we met at the gym to work out. I also made the team run because I told him I’d be there. GREAT 2 hour run with Jill!!! Didn’t make Sunday’s bike ride though – too tired and it was raining.

10. Sleep Deprivation – Every once in awhile insomnia hits me like a mack truck. And it’s been running me over for about three weeks now. Basically I sleep for 2 hours, I’m wide awake for 2 hours, repeat until the alarm goes off at 5:40. I’m exhausted, I’m grumpy, and my concentration is shot. I AM MISERABLE!

12. Social Networking – How much is too much? I Blog, I Facebook, I Email, I Text, I’m Linked-in, my Blackberry is always within reach, and I have a Twitter account (but I’ve never twitted – and I find it odd that strangers are following me even though I like that strangers read my blog – I’m just weird like that!) Is all of this really necessary though?

12. Weight – Remember that whole thing I said about eating less and exercising more. Well, it still works. I’m down 4 lbs! 5 till I’m semi-happy, 7 till I’m happy, and if only I could lose 11.4 I’d be ecstatic!

13. Zone Workouts – As you know, I haven’t exactly been keeping with the training schedules. Well last weekend I did 8 miles at “my pace” (what felt good, versus monitoring my heart rate) and was a little sore on Sunday – not horrible, but there was some tenderness. Sunday, Jill and I did 10 miles, pure zone 2, and no pain. None, Zilch, Nada. The stuff works people – try it!!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

5-8 of 13

Day 2 of catching up. Today’s topics vary – I’ve decided to go alphabetically with my list of subjects I’ve jotted down over the past two weeks.

5. Baby Factory – as in it’s time to shut mine down. TMI but I’ve been having girl issues and all the research points to being on the pill for many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many years. A couple years ago I asked the Dr about “getting fixed” and he said he’d do it (odd since I was 36 and I don't have kids). I chickened out (worried that the biological clock would come to life). Now that I’m nearing 40 and the biological clock has been relatively quiet (I hate to admit I have had my moments in the past year - darn that whole being in love thing). So, it’s time to really look at and weigh the options.

6. Exercise – Just to catch up, last week I hurt my back so I didn’t do a damn thing. Seriously, not a single exercise for over a week. I was finally feeling better on Friday, but that’s a rest day according to the schedule (shut up!). Saturday I ran the 8 miles I mentioned yesterday. I should mention I was only suppose to do 5 but it felt so good that I just kept going. Sunday = weights, Monday was a holiday so I took the day off (shut up!), Tuesday = easy run and I tried to swim but the pool at the gym was full, Tonight is speedwork and weight lifting, tomorrow spin, Friday is weights, Saturday 10 mile run, and we’ll see about biking on Sunday (weather dependent). Did you notice the increase in weight lifting – yep, something new that I’m trying. We’ll see how long this lasts!

7. Light Weight – Speaking of weights, I’m officially a light weight. Not girth. Not ability to lift. Nope, my ability to drink is gone! I haven’t made it through a 2nd glass of wine in quite awhile. And quite frankly, I don’t know if this makes me happy or sad. I use to love me my wine!

8. Money - Is it just me or does “something” come up EVERY FRICKING month? Every month I think, ok, this is the month I will save money. Then the water heater breaks, or I have team membership to pay, or races to sign up for to avoid price increases, or the car needs maintenance, or gifts need buying, etc., etc., etc. Just once I’d like to have a savings month! Oh well, maybe next month.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

1-4 of 13

1. Work – BUSY, BUSY, BUSY! Well obviously I’ve been busy since I haven’t blogged in, oh, about forever. I owe 2 weeks of Thursday 13 and I have no time to think about it much less write. So for this week, I’ll build up to the full 13 by Thursday then maybe I’ll get back into some sort of rhythm. Any-who – back to the work thing, in addition to my day to day job (and increasingly frustrating dealings with one of my divisions) I am trying to launch a Program, Planning, and Control Organization at my company. This is something near and dear to my heart and something I was very involved with at my last company. So far, people seem interested but I’m not quite feeling the love. Trying to get it kicked off by 1 April…yikes!

2. Race Schedule Thoughts – 1st of all, I already missed the first race of the season – didn’t feel like driving in to DC. Instead, I ran 8 miles around my neighborhood to include hills, trail, ice, traffic dodging, and an overwhelming desire to stop at Starbucks. Minor changes to the schedule: see #4 for Feb and I changed my mind (saved some money) by just signing up for the micro-Mussel and the Musselman in July (no Sprint). The big change – after looking at the schedule, I realized that if I did Marine Corp Marathon and tried to relay the swim and bike at B2B I would basically be training for a fall Ironman – it would just be in a different order and I’d have a REALLY long transition between run and swim. I don’t want to train for an Ironman this year (said in a whining voice) so I’ll just relay B2B either just the swim or just the bike.

3. Procrastination – You may have noticed I haven’t mentioned the whole living arrangements for awhile. Truth be told, I’m procrastinating. First off, it’s scary thinking about selling my house to live with someone (even though it is Dude). But mainly it’s because I don’t want to live at his current townhouse for too long. I’ve been waiting for him to show some initiative about getting his place ready to sell before listing mine and guess what…just this weekend he did just that. Looks like it’s really going to happen!

4. Freezin’ for a Reason – this is my February thing. Not really a race. Well maybe a race to see who can get out the fastest! This is a charity event raising money for Camp Sunshine. Camp Sunshine is pretty cool, in that it is a camp for terminally ill children AND their entire family. Imagine, the terminally ill child has some fun, the siblings who may have been put on the back burner for a bit get to have some fun, and the parents get a bit of a respite from the stress of caring for an ill child. Pretty cool! Now, for those of you NOT in VA, take a look at their website – they are all over the North East (and one in Seattle). If you don’t care to take the plunge, you could donate (my site). And for those of you in the Northern VA area that aren’t going to plunge, again, you could donate. Or come on out and watch.

Stay tuned for number 5-8 tomorrow…

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

2010 - Bring It!

Here it is – the much anticipated race schedule (subject to change whenever I feel like it)

Jan 16 – DC Road Runner Club’s JFK 5K – no goal. OK, I want to break 30 minutes (shut up speed demons!). A couple years ago – before Ironman training - I did a 5K in 23 minutes. My, my, my how times change!

Feb – Nothing yet – possibly the GW Birthday Classic

Mar 21 – Virginia Beach Half Marathon – Hopefully my runner cousin will be joining me on this trip (she’ll do the full marathon). Goal = 2:20

Apr 17-18 – Rumpass in the Bumpass Triathlon Weekend – This year I’m thinking of racing both the Olympic and the Sprint. If not both, race the Oly and relay the sprint (bike leg). Goals: Olympic under 3:10/Sprint under 1:20

May 16 – Ironman FL 70.3 – this is going to be fun. Family and high school friends are going to be lined up to cheer me on (and possibly provide a beer stop on the run). Goal = 6:40

Jun – Nothing – recovery and rebuild for…

Jul 9-11 – Musselman – Team Z event. I’m thinking all three events:
Friday - micro-Mussel (100 yd/.6 m tricycle or bigwheel/.2 m) - Goal – HAVE FUN!
Saturday - mini-Mussel (750m/16.1 mile/3.2 mile) - Goal – HAVE FUN!
Sunday - Musselman Half Iron(1.2 mile/56 mile/13.1 mile). Goal – HAVE FUN!

Aug – Nothing – Recovery and begin Marine Corp Marathon training in the dreaded heat wave that IS Northern Virginia!

Sep – MCM Training

Oct 31 – Marine Corp Marathon – deferred from 2009 – this is a race I have always wanted to do. At the very least it will be inspirational! Goal: 4:59:59

Nov 13 – Beach To Battleship Iron Distance RELAY – I’m looking for someone willing to run a marathon because I want to try the swim and bike. This is a potential Iron-Distance race in my future. Goal – HAVE FUN!

Dec - Nothing but relaxation!