Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thursday Thirteen Random Thoughts

1. So far I’m doing so-so on my Non-Catholic Lent. No brussel sprouts, shoveling snow, watching professional sports, or time on the trainer. Still have to commute everyday though.

2. I’ve also only had one Barq’s Root Beer and not a single Disaronno’s! See, so I have sacrificed something I like!

3 weeks to Shamrock ½ Marathon

4. I have stayed true to my New Year’s promise to myself. I made myself the deal that I could only get my 7-11 coffee on mornings I go to swim practice and Friday’s. So far, I haven’t made swim practice and I’ve only stopped on Friday mornings.

5. I have to change lanes so it makes it difficult to get to the 7-11 to resist the temptation. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

6 weeks to VEGAS BABY! Girl’s Weekend in Vegas – we’re going to go to the spa, see Le Reve and take a Stripper 101 class (hey – I hear it’s a great workout and who couldn’t gain from learning how to shake that boot-ay!)

7 weeks to first Tri (RumpASS in the BumpASS Oly and Sprint Relay)

8. This weekend’s goals are install a garage door opener, chop down a tree, fix a light fixture, stage my house, run 10-12 miles, and work on my new blog.

9. Yep, I’m going to abandon this blog and move to another. More details to follow – but it will be about training, racing, life, and cooking – just more Type-A organized then this one.

10. My house goes on the market next week. For Sell? For Rent? For Sell? For Rent? For Sell? For Rent? For Sell? For Rent? For Sell? For Rent? For Sell? For Rent? For Sell? For Rent? For Sell? For Rent?

11 weeks to first 70.3 of the year (Ironman Florida 70.3)!

12. There are big changes coming at work and I’m one of the few that knows about them. I don’t like being “in the know”!

13. I registered for the WARRIOR DASH for 9 October. It’s a 3.1 mile run, but there’s obstacles, like mud pits, a wall, and rappelling. Oh, did I mention you get to run through fire. "Fire, Fire, He He"! {Beavis & Butthead reference} They also give away warrior hats – furry warrior hats with horns. How could I NOT sign up!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Freezin’ For A Reason – Polar Plunge “Race" Report

This past Saturday was the Freezin’ For A Reason Polar Plunge to raise money for Camp Sunshine.

Pre-Pre Race:
Friday: To prep for the race I cooked for a couple hours on Friday night in preparation for the Post Polar Plunge Party (PPPP) – menu included my Turkey Chili, Corn Bread, some Cheese Bread, an addicting Ramen Salad, Red Pepper Wrapped Mozzarella Balls, and a platter of Roasted Red Peppers, Italian Meats, and Marinated Olives.

I also prepared my “race” outfit that consisted of sparkly tights, a skirt, bathing suit top, a cape, red mask, red swim cap, and some gloves. That’s right, I was going to plunge as a Superhero…an IRONWOMAN to be exact (cape said FEXX – FE=Iron, XX=Female).

Saturday – Got up bright and early, finished cooking, had some oatmeal, then headed to Heidi’s (PPPP house). But first I had to stop to get two bottles of vodka for the PPPP. Got to her house, had some wine, suited up, and headed to the plunge location. On the way, Timra was kind enough to lend me some hooker boots to complete my ensemble.

I didn’t want** to post these…but here are the pre-plunge pics:

Before we could jump, they had to break through the ice. While they did that, I shared some pre-race nutrition in the form of vodka and OJ.

So, we all got in line and before you know it, it’s our turn to jump (I jumped with my co-worker Alison).


Unofficially - I won. I mean, I did beat Alison to the ladder! And, just so you know, hooker boots make it very difficult to climb a ladder...especially when you are trying to hold your boobies in!

All in all, it felt like we were in the water for around a minute. Watching the video, turns out it was 7 seconds. Got into warm, dry clothes, headed to the PPPP where full-fledged partying ensued.


**After seeing the fat gut in the pics, I’ve worked out every night this week and have implemented food journaling again. Time to lose the gut!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ash Wednesday

I'm not Catholic so I don't actually give anything up, but I've been thinking about what I would be WILLING to give up.

And in between thoughts the following things were ELIMINATED from that list:

Fat Free French Vanilla Creamer
Coke Zero
Barq's Root Beer
DeSarrono (however it's spelled/pronounce)
Exercise (only because I have a race sometime during Lent)
Greek Yogurt
My BlackBerry
Chicken (well, meat in general)
Brown Rice
Hot Showers

So far, here's the list of what I am willing to give up for Lent:
Shoveling Snow
Watching Professional sports on TV
Brussel Sprouts
Training on my trainer (Penny has been set up on it since December and I've been on it less then 2 hours - not in a row)

So there you have it folks - apparently I'm giving up brussel sprouts for however long Lent lasts.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I Need A Vacation...

In case you have been living in a cave, the Northern VA area has been hit with snow. And by hit, I mean CLOSED FIST PUNCH TO THE SIDE OF THE HEAD.

2 Ft+ over the weekend and expect another 2 Ft tonight.

Are You Fricking Kidding Me?!?!

On a pretty note, here are two of my favorite pictures that Dude has taken this weekend:

Rewind to Thursday I started to feel sick (Dude was sick Mon/Tue). Worked 1/2 day Thurs then from home on Friday. Ventured out for groceries on Friday - who knew milk and frozen pizza are survival items for snow weekends?!

Friday evening did the pre shovel - about 6 inches at 9pm.

Got up Saturday and went to shoveling. About four shovels in my back was aching (remember it was hurt a couple weeks ago). Fifth shovel I heard two loud pops (not to be confused with the typical cracking of my old ass bones) and both legs went numb. If I wasn't holding the shovel I would have went down. I spent the rest of Saturday and Sunday in bed in a whole lot of pain. Luckily, my back was hurting a couple weeks ago so I had some leftover drugs to self-medicate (and I may not be a doctor but I watch them on TV and low and behold come Monday I was feeling a lot better). Not 100% by any means, but hey, I'm out of bed and able to move.

Monday I worked from home...again. Oh, and I made some INCREDIBLE crab-filled homemade raviolis. Love my pasta machine!

Tuesday - worked from home again. I can get out and I could go to work but Dude can't work from home. See, he drives an Austin Mini (no, he's not gay) and the people parked next to him decided to dump their snow against and in front of his car. So, he gets my SUV until...Spring.

You have noticed no mention of workouts. Well, I've been watching the Team email and all those NOT living in the sticks have been sharing their apartment/condo gyms, getting to pools, using their trainers, etc. And what have I been doing?

Sitting on my ass doing a lot of nothing.

And I almost feel guilty about it!

Come on Mother Nature - Is This All You Got?!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Damn You Punxsutaney Phil

That's right, Damn you, you furry GROUNDHOG!

I want to run - I really do. But I am a Fair-Weathered Athlete and I won't run in snow, in anything below 30 degrees, or on the treadmill for over an hour.

A girl has to have her limits.

In case you didn't know, that little F-ER predicted six more weeks of winter. And to kick things off here in NO-VA, we are expecting 3-6" tonight (Tue) and even more this weekend.