Friday, June 18, 2010

Let Me Tell You...

ER, House, Gray's Anatomy...



Turns out they don't actually try to diagnose a damn thing...

This is how a "Real" hospital works:

Patient (my mom - Mama Bear) arrives complaining about crushing chest pains, difficulty breathing, and naseous. Hospitals checks for everything heart related. Keeps patient overnight running blood tests. Give patient stress test at 11 am the following day. FINALLY - 8:30 PM Dr comes to see patient only to say "all your tests are normal, I'm discharging you" (without so much as producing a stethascope).

Patients children, "uh, hell no Dr. If it's not the heart, what's causing these symptoms in my mom?"

Dr, "all her cardiac tests are normal, she needs to follow up with her primary care physician to find out what's wrong with her".

I think he's still in a coma from the CLOSED FIST PUNCH TO THE SIDE OF THE HEAD!


Fast forward through 3-days of Dr visits Mama Bear is feeling better. They ruled out heart and gall stones (but did find lesions on her liver that now have to be monitored) but they still don't know what caused the cardiac pain/symptoms. They are blaming it on stress and acid reflux.

Poor Mama Bear!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Back in the Saddle (and other stuff)


Not horse saddle but bike saddle! As in I did a 50 mile hilly ride last weekend, the Tuesday night Conte's hill ride, AND 70 miles yesterday!! Can I get a WOOT WOOT?! OK, it wasn't quite 70 it was 67.5 but close enough! And for the record...I feel great while riding!!! I'm still slow as mollasses getting up the hills, but I am TRI-ing to get faster...TRI-ing to pull up versus pushing down...TRI-ing to figure out the shifting!

Speaking of shifting, my derailler is jacked up. The ride ended yesterday stuck in the granny gears so Penny goes back to the shop tomorrow.

Other then that, my running is lagging. After Musselman I will be going to the Dr about my foot/ankle issue. Or maybe after Marine Corp Marathon since that training starts the weekend of the 19th.

Other Stuff:
Today was the Cancer 2 5K race. I've been volunteering with them for 12 weeks and it's hard to explain the joy I felt watching "my runner" cross the finish line. She pulled her calf earlier this week so the coach told her she had to walk. Well, she wanted none of that so she did intervals and would stop when it really hurt, but kept moving and crossed the finish line running and smiling. I'm so proud of her and ALL of the C25K Runners today!

After the race I went to an Bethesda's awesome Farmer's Market so tonight's dinner is New York Strip with Arugula Pesto (homemade), Arugula/Asparagus/Ricotta Ravioli's with warmed garlic olive oil, and grilled tomatoes with some incredible cheese I bought at the market. BTW - all organic - all clean eating! Can't wait!

Speaking of which - it's time to head to Dude's to start cooking. (Oh, and after much delay, the house will be on the rental market next week)

Oh, and as an aside, I guess I should let you all know...





As in, if the Team picks it, I will be toeing the line once again!