Sunday, September 4, 2011


Last we spoke (yeah, yeah, yeah...) the footers were about to be started. Well, July 1st that happened.

Around July 9th we got basement walls:

Then I went to a race and on vacation so I missed two weeks of visiting. Next thing you know, it's July 30th and viola:

We have a house! Here's a room by room...


Living Room:



Master Bedroom:

J's Room:


By August 7th we had windows:

Around August 19th plumbing and electrical was done. Those would be boring pictures, so here's the huge master tub:

August 28th showed they were prepping to start the stonework outside:

And by August 31st the stonework was almost done:

The insulation was also done, but I don't have pictures of that.

And finally, by Friday, September 2nd, the drywall was 100% installed:
Kitchen and Sunroom:

And the started the siding:

We were told it would most likely be done mid to late October...PERFECT with my training schedule!!!

Oh, and I can't write a post about the house without mentioning my backyard: