Saturday, March 31, 2012

Power Of Positive Thinking

Remember yesterday when I said I was going to win the Mega-Millions lottery?

Remember, I said WHEN I win?

Well, guess what.



OK, it was only $2, but that means one free coffee this week with 84 cents left over.


Thursday, March 29, 2012

Friday Four times two

1. I bought a vacuum from a door-to-door salesman.
2. But thanks to the "INTERNETS" I got a pretty good deal!
3. After everything the salesman did to sell me the vacuum, I'm a little more thankful that I'm not in sales!
4. I have not read The Hunger Games but I'm intrigued. I want to see the movie but feel compelled to read it first since the book is always better than the movie.
5. What should be done first...something marked ASAP, or Immediately? I get countless emails all day with these words. Truth be told I'm kind of numb to both phrases.
6. Lotto is up to $540M! Five hundred forty MILLION!!!! Boy do I have ideas on how to spend it!
7. I'm a cheapskate. For example, I'm typing this on my Nook because I'm too cheap to buy an iPad. I wonder if that will change when I win $540 MILLION!
8. Yep, I said when I win. The power of positive thinking!

Well, that's twice as many as I've been doing so Happy Friday!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday Four - Summer in MARCH!!!!

1. 88 degrees out today, and our upstairs air conditioner doesn't work. And noone answers when we call the warrenty line. NOT Happy!

2. It is GORGEOUS out! Charlie and I went for a nice walk in the woods out to the lake - water is rising, almost time to test it for swimming! HAPPY!

3. Dude is out fishing in the lake so we are either having fish or bison burgers for supper. I'm betting on the burger! HAPPY (either way)!

4. It's time to go sit on the back deck with Corona Light and watch the sun set over the lake! Yabba- Dabba - Do!


Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday Four - Random things that have nothing to do with the other

1. I'm "Judgey McJudgey Pants" in the check out line. I look at what you're buying, I look at you, and I make assumptions. Well today, I would hate to think what people were thinking of me.

Usually I'm all veggies, lean meats, and whole grains.

Today...not so much:
- hot dogs (turkey dogs...but still),
- hot dog buns (white enriched flour buns, not the whole wheat ones),
- chili (hormel...not Amy's Organic which I would have felt less guilty about),
- steak fries (cause I'm running low on tator tots and prefer steak fries),
- and a box of wine (cause it's Friday and I'm thirsty).

Happy Friday!

2. We are finally having our Housewarming. If you weren't invited it's because I either don't have your email address (send it to me) or I don't know you but I appreciate you reading! Since we live in the sticks (a good 30+ miles from many of our friends) our theme is "Putting on the Sticks" - Kebabs and appetizers on toothpicks.

3. Charlie is the best darn dog in the whole universe! We finally found a dog park close to us (then three days later I found out about another one). I also figured out that he is not a running dog. Well, maybe he could be a running dog, provided he is off leash. Attach the leash and he becomes s-l-o-w walking dog!

4. George Clooney was apparently in town and he didn't call. :-(

Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday Four...Reasons I Love Noufal Hair Salon

4. Their products smell AMAZING!

3. They offer wine (and other drinks and today I opted for was 11:30 and all).

2. Best hair washing/scalp massage EVER!

1. Joey makes my hair look like this:

When I try, it looks like this:

His=Poofy and Cool
Mine = Frizzy and 80's

Noufal Hair Color Studio Check them out!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

2012 Goals

1. Less work, more family.
Have you seen my gorgeous family?

This year is about the four of us. This summer will be our first family vacation (more than a weekend). Depending on the next few months, we are either going to Europe (I'm pushing for Germany) or renting an RV and seeing some of the U.S.

2. No race goals.
If I race, do it for the company and the fun (it's not like I'm going to win)!

3. No race planning.
Sign up if I feel like it.

I can say that now that Goofy Challenge is behind me. I have to give my back a break or I will be under the knife by year-end! (BTW, check out the Goofy Bling)

5. Find events that Dude and I can do together.
Cycling comes to mind. And I see a lot of hiking in our future. Any suggestions?

6. Cook more!
I live next door to Wegman's, this should be easy! Don't forget to check out my other blog - TRI TO COOK! I foresee more posts there than here over the next year!

7. Eat healthy. See above.

8. More time with friends.
I'd like to do a once a month pot-luck/get-together. I know I live in the sticks, but I figure if you offer good food and good wine, they will come!

9. Better (more) Dude time.
Work has been insane. Then there was the stupid Ironman thing. And the move. And the new dog. And have I mentioned work? It's time to get back to the basics.

10. Me, Me, Me.
After #1 and #9 I have to say, sometimes it is all about me! More family and more Dude time = Happy Me. In addition to that, I swear, I'm going back to school to finish those last four classes for my MBA. And I'm stalking Groupon/Daily Deals/Specialicious for massage, manicure, pedicure, and spa day deals.

2011 in Review

Better late then never...

2011 in Review
Jan = Sick...and that's all I have to say about that!

Feb = Bought House - ok, bought property where the house would eventually be built.

Mar = Injured

Apr = Face of America

May = Lake Anna 70.3

June = Training - Almost every workout!!!

July = Musselman 70.3 - I didn't post a race report but it was hot, I did worse than last year, and spent most of the post race at the hospital with Patti. Friends - when it's hot, take salt tablets and hydrate!!!!

Aug = Training - Again, almost every workout!!!

Sep = Work...and that's all I have to say about that. Oh, and training during the week stopped.

Oct = Work, Move, and Charlie-Poo adopted us

Nov = Work, Unpacking, and Ironman

Dec = Work, Holiday, and Eating!

Happy New Year!!!

Ironman Arizona (IM-AZing) Race Report

Back Story: I signed up a year ago with all kinds of lofty goals. I was going to work through the winter to improve my run and get down to a sub-five marathon (shut up, I’m NOT fast), summer was going to be all about the bike, and I was going to swim twice a week to get stronger. My goal…13:30.

Then life happened.

I was sick or injured most of the winter and didn’t run a winter marathon. I finally got my head out of my a$$ and started training in the Spring. Summer was good, I did almost all the weekday workouts, swam once a week, and got the weekend stuff in. Come September, training ceased. I was working 70+ hours a week so weekday workouts stopped happening. Our house was finishing so there was the move (and getting two houses ready for the rental market). We got a dog. What can I say, training kept getting pushed lower and lower on the priority scale. I did make sure I got the weekend runs/rides in but my lofty goals were reduced to (a) finishing, and (b) try to break 15 hours.

Race Plan: When I felt good HAMMER IT until it didn’t feel good anymore. Probably NOT the best Ironman plan, but due to the lack of training, I knew it was going to hurt. I also knew at times it wasn’t going to hurt so I’d take advantage of those moments.

Swim Motto: PULL, PULL, PULLThis year I noticed during swim practices I am confident and feel like I’m the fastest swimmer in my lane. When I swim in the fast lane I push myself to keep up with them and I manage to stay on their toes. That confidence disappears on race day though. I start swimming and just assume everyone is faster than me so I relax and just let everyone pass me.

Well not at Ironman.

This swim was the most physical one I’ve ever been in. There was punching, shoving, body checking, kicking, dunking, etc. I rarely got a clear area and even somehow got wrapped up in Tina’s (Team Z blind athlete) guide tether at the turn around point. Once I was turned around, I became a drill instructor and just kept yelling Pull! Pull! Pull! in my head, knowing my arms would feel like rubber at the end, but what do I need arms for on the bike?!

Overall I was thrilled with my swim! The volunteers pulled me out of the water, wetsuit strippers stripped me, and I ran/walked into transition with a gigantic smile on my face. I knew I PR’d the swim and really, the swim was the only thing I worried about. I knew I could ride the miles, and I knew, if required, I could walk the marathon. The swim was my biggest obstacle and I rocked it!
Distance/Time: 2.4 miles – Goal 1:30; Actual 1:24:26: PR by ~4 minutes!!

T1 – Goal 10 min; Actual 10:53 - I did a last minute change in the morning and swam in a swim suit instead of my compression shorts and sports bra (stupid, stupid, stupid). I wasted minutes trying to get into my Zoot’s but a wet body and compression shorts are not a good combination. I gave up, threw on my bike shorts and headed out

Bike Motto: Live the Plan: If you feel good, get in aero and HAMMER IT!

Split 1: This is a pretty fast course, or maybe it was the ZIPP 404 Firecrest tires. Regardless, the first loop was FAST. Great tailwinds, I felt good, so I hammered it.
37.4 miles 17.81 mph pace

Split 2: I spent this loop looking forward to the turn-around to get those tailwinds. Boy was I in for a surprise! Seriously, how could the winds turn so drastically? Oh well, I still felt good so I got in aero and hammered it. I was thrilled when I was still hitting my time goal at the turn-around point.
74.6 miles 16.45 mph pace

Split 3: I was a little down after the second loop but I kept telling myself just one more to go and maybe those winds will be my friend again. My neck was hurting so I stayed in aero and focused on the 6” in front of my tire. Made the turn-around …what was I in for…more wind, but not as bad as last time. Body check – feeling good, HAMMER IT!
112 miles 16.97 mph pace

Total Bike 112 miles: Goal 7:00; Actual 6:33:59/17:06 mph pace – PR by 14 minutes (against B2B, 41 minutes faster than Switzerland)!! That was AWESOME!!

T2 – Goal 10 min; Actual 6:51 - Robin, my Ironman Switzerland partner in crime, helped me into T2, into my run gear, and sent me on my way.

Run Motto: Anyone Can Run For Five Minutes (I do 5:1 run/walk intervals, so every time the watch went off to run, I said that…out loud)

Split 1: Started to run and realized I may have killed my legs on the bike. This is going to be a LOONNGG night. Plodded along waiting for my watch to go off so I could walk, and plodded, and plodded. How long can five minutes last? WTF…Seriously, when can I walk…wait a minute, Michele programmed my watch for 5 HOUR:1 HOUR increments instead of 5 MINUTES:1 MINUTE intervals. We had a good laugh about that when I saw her cheering on the course.
2.5 miles 13:35/mile pace

Split 2: The women with Dr. Hoy’s Pain Relief Gel are ANGELS – a little bit of that and my calf started working again! This course was a little hilly so I walked the inclines, and I walked my one minute increments. In between, I concentrated on form and cadence.
11.5 miles 12:12/mile pace

Split 3: (this was my worst loop mentally) The loops seemed to take F.O.R.E.V.E.R. And I could never figure out where I was. I saw people across the lake, but couldn’t figure out if I was heading there or if I had already been there. And my back hurt, really really hurt and Dr Hoy’s Pain Relief Gel doesn’t help bone on bone grating. I finally started in on the chicken broth and cola and my mood turned. Best advice I’ve ever received way back in 2008, “if they offer you chicken broth, take the chicken broth”!
20 miles 12:37/mile pace

Split 4: This guy dressed up as Batman kept leap-frogging me and I decided there was no way Batman was going to beat me.
Forget the pain, stay ahead of Bruce Wayne!
Finally made it around the endless loop to the finish line turn- in and assumed it was right there. Nope. There was a woman just ahead of me as we turned in, so I kicked it to get ahead of her (again, thinking the finish line was right there). It wasn’t so I had to hold that pace for longer than what was comfortable. FINALLY, finish line just ahead… smile, high five, smile, take it in, smile, check to see if others were around me, nope, OWN the Finish Line!


Yeah I am!
26.2 miles 13:12/mile pace

Total Run 26.2 miles: Goal 5:30; 5:33:05/12:42 pace (11 min slower than IMS)

Final –13:49:11 (PR by 29 minutes)

It really was IM-AZing!