Monday, October 27, 2008


Week Three:
Recovery week! What this means is shorter/easier workouts all week, no strength training (not that I’ve been so good at that!), and, a team Happy Hour on Thursday (skipped due to sleepiness).

I had my first appointment with a nutritionist this week. I’m trying to figure out what and how much I should be eating/drinking before/during/after exercise. As it turns out my diet is good but I’m not drinking or eating near enough while exercising. She recommended losing about 3% body fat (she said something about cutting out alcoh…that’s all I heard, then blah, blah, blah). I get my official plan next week which means this is my last week of eating like a free woman. Can you say take-out, drinks, and French fries?!

This recovery week we also got a special sale at Conte’s and Potomac River Running (PRR), our team bike/running stores. They offered us free beer, pizza and discounts on all items in the store. In all, my two beers and one slice of pizza cost me close to $450! Have I ever mentioned how much this addiction is costing???

The week ended with a nice 5 mile run in the rain and a 30-mile bike ride that turned into 40-miles. Lesson learned - follow the cue sheet not the people you are riding with! On a side note, I am much faster on Grace (Sue's husband's bike that I’m borrowing – named after his daughter Leah Grace) then on Ruby (my Specialized Ruby comp) so the 40 miles took about a ½ hour less then it has in the past two weeks.

In summary: Missed 1 work-out (40 min bike), burned over 5,000 calories, exercised for over 6 hours.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Can I get a loan?

Week Two:
I had a work meeting at the beginning of the week so I had a hard time fitting in the workouts. Wed at the track was interesting. I’ve been running forever but Coach Ed and Tony both pointed out that my form was bad. I need to stand up straighter, move my arms more, and don’t flex my calves. I tried the posture thing but it hurt (need to do more core exercises) and I couldn’t run slow (Zone 2) when concentrating on my form. Just something else to work on for the next 8 months.

Everyday I realize how much this sport is costing me. I bought some cold weather gear, nutrition, bike gear, etc. and spent over $250. I need to get my bike worked on. Counting new pedals, seat, etc. that will be close to $350. One of my spreadsheets I’ve built is to track the funds and by my estimation I will spend nearly $10K to train and finish IMS. Not all of it is IMS specific but it is all triathlon specific. More proof that this is truly an addiction!!!

In summary: Missed 2 work-outs (30 min run & strength), burned over 7,000 calories, exercised for over 8 hours.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Massages & heating pads are awesome!

And so begins “official” IMS training. Coach Ed calls in winter marathon training, but it’s my official start. I’ve been pretty lazy for the last 3 weeks so this week is probably going to hurt.

I’ve posted my typical workout schedule for the winter. I am NOT looking forward to the AM workouts. All in all, once you take out the workouts, work, driving, and sleeping I have 2 hours a day to have a life. It’s for a good cause though - achieving my basic IMS goal: Finishing within 16 hour cut-off smiling and healthy.

So this lack of a life (and my anal-retentive/OCD personality) has made me make lists. I have grocery lists, menu lists, and separate packing lists for swim, spin, run, weights, and work. I keep track of what I eat, what exercise I do, and the delta of calories in/out. I have a shopping list for IMS to help monitor my spending. I have my 2009 race plan list. In other words, I am an MS Excel List Goddess – there’s pivot tables, graphs, links, etc.! Don’t say it, I know I’m a nerd!

The week is over and this is what I’ve learned:
- My body can’t take getting up at 5 AM everyday! No more morning strength training, I have to find a different time slot for that. I did buy some home equipment so I have no excuses!
- I must warm my core body temperature after the swim otherwise I will eat like a pig all day long!
- Got introduced to a nice trail run at Burke Lake – that will become a staple.
- Cycling is still my weakest link – this has to be my focus area and I have to keep working those dreaded hills.
- Coach Ed’s program works – the build week was challenging but I’m not in too much pain (thanks in part to a neck massage from Dude and a heating pad).
- The lists work – I haven’t forgotten a thing…yet!!

Other news: Airline tickets are “purchased” (gotta love frequent flyer miles) and hotel is booked.

In summary: Missed 2 work-outs (cycling & strength), burned over 8,500 calories, exercised for over 9 hours. Ready for Week Two.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

How this craziness began...

I’ve become addicted to triathlons and there is no 12-step program. As a result, I decided to join a team of other triathlon addicted folks so I could share the sweet, sweet misery. I ran into Team Z at a race in 2007 and noticed they were eating cheeseburgers and drinking beer near the finish line. Say no more – I knew this team was for me.

Fast forward to Feb 2008 – finally joined the team. I chose the “Under 70.3” program. To educate those non-triathletes (freaks) let me summarize the distances:
Sprint: ~ 750 meter swim, 15 mile bike, 3.1 mile run – give or take
Olympic: 1,500 meter swim, 25 mile bike, 6.2 mile run
½ IRONMAN (70.3): 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike, 13.1 mile run
IRONMAN (140.6): 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, 26.2 mile run

I’d done many Sprints in the past and wanted to try to do Olympics in 2008 (the thought of riding 25 miles then running 6 terrified me!). So I started training and quickly experienced many firsts – first cycling in freezing rain, first runs in the freezing rain, first 10 miler (in the freezing rain) – seriously, I thought I moved to Seattle for the first couple of months!

At this point I was in total awe of those training for the Lake Placid (IRONMAN USA). I remember specifically saying I will NEVER do an IRONMAN. A couple months later my plan changed to Olympics in 2008, 70.3s in 2009, and MAYBE an IRONMAN in 2010. Then I met Jason…

Jason is a teammate who is very convincing, go figure – he’s an attorney. First Coach Ed brings up the possibility of an overseas race so Jason starts talking about Switzerland. “It’s beautiful.” “There’s cheese and chocolate”. “Beer and wine”. Then the clincher, he sent the trailer of IRONMAN Switzerland (IMS) 2007 and I was hooked. I seriously started thinking “hmm, maybe”. So I started obsessing about it (that’s what I do) and after bringing it up to my boyfriend for about the 10,000th time he said the words that would cement my decision to sign up for IRONMAN. What did he say?? Quite simply, “you won’t (stress won't NOT can't) do IRONMAN”. And that’s all it took, well those words and way too much tequila the night of actually signing up. But that’s another story.