Thursday, February 5, 2009

2009 Race Schedule

OK, here’s my race schedule. Everything up to July 12th is in preparation for July 12th. In other words, my life revolves around Ironman! It’s also a year of firsts – 1st marathon, 1st (and 2nd) 70.3’s, 1st 2-mile swim, and, of course, 1st Ironman. So here goes:

Myrtle Beach Marathon – Myrtle Beach, SC - 14 Feb 2009
Comments: I knew I had to run a marathon before IMS and when this came up on the calendar for a vote Jason called to say “Vote for Myrtle, it’s flat and there’s great strip clubs in Myrtle Beach”. Now I’m not sure why he thought that would lure me in but when I called Dude to tell him about it I did use it as a ploy. So in addition to my first marathon it might also be my first time going to a strip club. Nothing says romance like running 26.2 then watching topless women dance. Race Goal: Survive. Finish in less then 5 hours. Test nutrition strategy.

Scope it out 5K - Washington, DC - 29 March 2009
Comments: Just a fun little race the team does. We dress as Polyp’s (race raises money for colon cancer research) and the goal of the runners is to “catch the polyp’s”. No goal, other then to talk myself into getting up to run just a 5K.

Cherry Blossom 10 Miler – Washington, DC – 5 Apr 2009
Comments: This was my first 10 miles ever last year. Did it in 1 hour 40 minutes (thanks for the catch Lindsay!) – would like to beat that this year. Not sure if this will become a tradition – I’m not a fan of running in crowds.

Rumpass in the Bumpass Oly (Relay) - Lake Anna, VA - 18 April 2009
Comments: Look at the name of the race - who wouldn’t want to do this race! Team IMS is relaying and we are each doing our weakest link for practice so Robin will be swimming, I’ll be cycling, and Jason will be running. We’re really just there for the t-shirt!

MAYBE - Rumpass in the Bumpass Sprint - Lake Anna, VA - 19 April 2009
Comments: Just to do a back-to-back race. This is a maybe – it would be fun to smoke a sprint course!

2009 Colonies Zone SCY Championship – Fairfax, VA - 24 April 2009
Comments: This was my first swim meet ever last year. I did the 1650 in 30 minutes (but very consistent with my splits) so I’d like to beat that. Problem is, I still have to register and the coordinator said there are only 3 slots left so I may end up doing the 1,000.

Kinetic Half Ironman - Lake Anna State Park - 9 May 2009
Comments: My 1st 70.3!!! Mom is coming to watch so my goal is to survive, put on a strong effort, test nutrition, learn how to race a 70.3. No time goals since I have no clue what my time should be…8 hours?? UPDATE: Goal less then 7 hours.

Reston 2 mile swim - Reston, VA - 24 May 2009
Comments: This will be my first OW 2 mile swim, a good test to estimate my IMS time.

Mooseman 70.3 – Newfound Lake, NH– 7 Jun 2009
Comments: Final practice race before IMS. Time to perfect my plans and to beat my Kinetic time. This event is wonderfully planned and the area is just perfect. Looking forward to going back up there!

PRR 4 miler - Ashburn, VA - 27 June 2009
Comments: Just a fun race in the sticks close to my house. Team race – so I’m there for the beer.

Ironman Switzerland - Zurich, Switzerland - 12 July 2009
Comments: Holy crap, I’m doing an Ironman. My ultimate goal is to finish within the time limit, healthy and smiling. Time wise: Worse case: 15:59:59 (well, worst case is anything over 16:00). My goal is 14:30. My ultra stretchy goal is less then 14:00. The best part of doing this in Switzerland is I’m almost guaranteed a daylight finish! Sun doesn’t set until around 10 pm.

No real plans after IMS. My short list of maybe’s (and I will definitely do at least one) are:
Luray Oly (Relay) – Luray, VA - 15 Aug 2009
Patriot’s International – Williamsburg, VA – 13 Sep 2009
Savageman 70.3 (Relay) – Deep Creek, MD - 19-20 Sep 2009
Giant Acorn – Lake Anna, VA – 3 October 2009


Lindsay said...

... I'm going to call out a typo. If you ran the Cherry Blossom in 10 miler in 40 minutes... I am highly impressed with your 4 minute miles, and question if you are secretly from Kenya. :)

Looks like you have a good season lined up as well. No consideration for the Nation's Tri?

Es --- IRONMAN in Training! said...

You caught me...I am from Kenya! I just usually hold back for training and every other race except Cherry Blossom. :-)

Nation's is $165. Not sure if I want to spend that much for an Oly. Then again, I don't have to pay for gas and hotel. Hmmmmmmmmmm