Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Freezin’ For A Reason – Polar Plunge “Race" Report

This past Saturday was the Freezin’ For A Reason Polar Plunge to raise money for Camp Sunshine.

Pre-Pre Race:
Friday: To prep for the race I cooked for a couple hours on Friday night in preparation for the Post Polar Plunge Party (PPPP) – menu included my Turkey Chili, Corn Bread, some Cheese Bread, an addicting Ramen Salad, Red Pepper Wrapped Mozzarella Balls, and a platter of Roasted Red Peppers, Italian Meats, and Marinated Olives.

I also prepared my “race” outfit that consisted of sparkly tights, a skirt, bathing suit top, a cape, red mask, red swim cap, and some gloves. That’s right, I was going to plunge as a Superhero…an IRONWOMAN to be exact (cape said FEXX – FE=Iron, XX=Female).

Saturday – Got up bright and early, finished cooking, had some oatmeal, then headed to Heidi’s (PPPP house). But first I had to stop to get two bottles of vodka for the PPPP. Got to her house, had some wine, suited up, and headed to the plunge location. On the way, Timra was kind enough to lend me some hooker boots to complete my ensemble.

I didn’t want** to post these…but here are the pre-plunge pics:

Before we could jump, they had to break through the ice. While they did that, I shared some pre-race nutrition in the form of vodka and OJ.

So, we all got in line and before you know it, it’s our turn to jump (I jumped with my co-worker Alison).


Unofficially - I won. I mean, I did beat Alison to the ladder! And, just so you know, hooker boots make it very difficult to climb a ladder...especially when you are trying to hold your boobies in!

All in all, it felt like we were in the water for around a minute. Watching the video, turns out it was 7 seconds. Got into warm, dry clothes, headed to the PPPP where full-fledged partying ensued.


**After seeing the fat gut in the pics, I’ve worked out every night this week and have implemented food journaling again. Time to lose the gut!

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