Tuesday, March 23, 2010

ShamROCK Half Marathon

If you’ve been following my blog, you may have noticed winter training has been few and far between. A couple weeks ago I forced myself to run 14 miles to prove to myself that I could do it. Needless to say, I had little aspirations for this race. My unofficial goals were: ultra stretchy goal of 2:17 (about 10:30 min mile) to expected 2:23 (11 min miles).

This was also my 1st Half Marathon only so regardless it would be a PR.

Day Before – Saturday I drove to Virginia Beach and by recklessly speeding I was able to catch up with Ken and Brian. We followed each other in and went straight to the expo. I proceeded to do some shopping and bought these:

And this cute little necklace (it's on a black rubber "chain"):

Oh, and some gel (never ate) and ANOTHER race belt. Had an incredible dinner then back to the hotel for some much needed rest.

Lori and I agreed to run with each other. We ended up in the wrong corral – a little too slow so we were passing people left and right. We got to the first mile marker, checked the watch: 10:15. YIKES! SLOW DOWN!

Miles 2-10 – We slowed down to 11 min mile and I was feeling great. I told Lori that if I still felt this good at the half way point I’d speed up a bit. Well that didn’t happen. The aches started around mile 7 so our plan changed to speed up for the final 5K. We got to the 10 mile mark and I started to speed up as I heard Lori yell I’ll see you at the finish.

Mile 11 – ~ 10:45 pace – Felt good, keep going.

Mile 12 – ~ 10:30 pace - Still good, not that much further to go.

Mile 13 – Under 10 minutes. Yeah Baby!! One mishap – I was trying to pass someone as I was going around a cone. My foot caught the cone and thankfully I was able to stumble and did not face-plant. What a klutz!

13.1: Rounded the corner to get on the boardwalk and I could see the King Neptune statue and started sprinting. Quickly realized I started sprinting a bit too soon so let off a bit. Once I could see the word FINISH I went back into sprint mode. Saw two Team Z’ers up ahead and tried with all my might to catch them but to no avail.

Got across the line and felt GREAT! Got my medal, and hat, and shirt, and water, and banana. They had some other stuff to give out but my hands were full.

My time? 2:20:24!!! And I celebrated with some Yuengling Light then went to watch the marathon finishers.

Two days later – I’m feeling great, very little residual pain. But I have this nagging question in my head…

How well could I have done if I had actually trained.

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Melissa said...

I LOVE that necklace. Love the skirt to but that necklace rocks.

Congrats on your first half. Sounds like you had a blast!!

Oh yes. Faster next time with a little training.