Thursday, April 22, 2010

RITB Sprint Relay Race Report / Thursday 13

Day two of triathlon began once again with a pancake with Nutella (Me after eating that pure yumminess).

I was jealous of Jason (1st pic) and Robin’s (2nd pic) MDot tattoos so I made my own (3rd pic - I couldn't see what I was drawing and apparently didn't finish coloring it in):

Bibianna was our swimmer and said she’d be the last one out of the water – she was wrong – she had a good swim.

I took off for the mount line and realized for the second day in a row I was in the wrong gear. Then I couldn’t clip in.

So I cussed a lot and really loud. (Sorry to all the parents who had their kids at the mount line)

I ran my bike to the top of the hill and started from there.

Decent ride, almost the same pace as Saturday but I could definitely feel the burning in my legs

Made it back and Rachel took off on the run.

I got in line for a massage but then headed to the finish to see Rachel finish – Big Smile on her face.

Then back in line for a massage.

It was cold and windy and I was having issues with all of the pollen in the air so I decided to skip the massage and headed home.

Overall Team Z Diva’s came in 14th out of 24. 21st on the swim, 5th for T1, 9th for bike, 15th for T2, and 11th for the run.

All in all a great Tri-Weekend with Team Z!

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