Saturday, April 18, 2009

Rumpass in the Bumpass Relay Race Report

Best Shirt EVER! Not only does the shirt say Rumpass in the Bumpass on it, there's two beavers on it. Oh, and I got a beer mug with the same design from the race director. SCORE!!!

Swim by Robin "Phelps" - I don't know the official time but I think it was around 30 minutes. All she said was the water was cold (about 60 degrees - yikes!).

Bike by Es "Armstrong" - Nice rolling hills, sweet flats, and not too much wind. The 1st loop was 40 minutes. I was hoping to negative split but came in spot on for the 2nd loop. Something is wrong with Penny - she was yelping every time I had to go in the low gears for the hills. Hopefully she just needs some lube.

Run by Jason "The Kenyan" - Jason managed about 8 1/2 minute miles. And I managed to miss his finish because a lady walked by with the cutest Dachshund puppy ever!!!

We came in 5th out of 18! It was a GORGEOUS sunny day! All in all, a perfect way to start the race season! I start over again in the morning with the Rumpass in the Bumpass Sprint - and yes, that means I have TWO of the COOLEST SHIRTS EVER!!!!

(I'll post a pic later in the week)


Gina said...

Great job Team IMS! How'd you snag a beer mug? Anyway, I hope you get Penny's kink figured out before this weekends long ride.

Es --- IRONMAN in Training! said...

Penny is all better. Just needed oil on the chain/gears. She also needs a good bath (Lindsay?!).

As for the mug, I just asked the RD - and told him how I missed out on my prize last year.