Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Fox Lake Run, Titusville FL 10K Race Report

OK, remember when I said my race season was over? Yea, not so much. I had been planning a trip home for about a month. I got a call from my Mom early in the week saying her friend had organized a 10K so she signed me up.

"Thanks Mom"

So my first day of vacation began at 0615 so we could drive an hour to the race location. Yep! She signed me up, she's coming to spectate! We got there about an hour early so she walked me around and introduced me to everyone she knew. I love that she introduces me as "This is my baby Es, She's an IRONMAN."

Thanks Mom!

Since this was in Florida there were three things I knew going in - it would be flat, it would be HOT, and it would be HUMID. What I didn't know is the roads are not flat. To help with drainage all of the roads are slanted so my hip flexors and IT bands were screaming. I was able to run the whole race (walked the aid stations because I needed the water). No real issues, just my usual turtle pace.

It was a small field - total of 73 people doing the 10K. I came in 1:00:24 - 53/73 Overall, 16/31 Females, 4/4 Age group (fast old women!).

For all my bitching - this really wasn't a bad way to start my vacation!

Side story - I'm standing at the race start - there's an old salty lookin' guy who looked something like this:
He had a cigarette in hand, wearing circa 1980 track pants (it's over 90 degrees at 8am), a denim! vest (former jacket with the arms cut off, strings hanging) with a full back iron-on patch, and he's carrying 5lb dumbbells. He did the 5K but my Mom didn't catch his time. I swear, I'm from the "Redneck Capital of the World".

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rUntoNamAste said...

ummm, there's a chance that you might be my sister because your mother sounds a hell of a lot like mine! She's too cute and proud of her IronMan. Enjoy your vacay!