Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Kinetic Half Race Report

This was a training race - meaning Zone 2 - so my ultra-stretchy goal was 6:30, real goal 7:00, and worst case 8:00:01 (after cut-off).

Friday - Reviewed Checklist, Packed, Unpacked, Reviewed Checklist, Packed, Unpacked (x's 4). Went to packet pick up and decided to do a quick brick. The water was comfortable and the bike/run gave me a taste of the hills.

Swim - 37:50 (3/13 AG)
Very happy with my swim - easily got in my groove - swam straight (except for the final leg into the finish). Realized I can probably push myself harder at practice because my heart rate was on track and I was quite comfortable coming out of the water.

T1 - 3:07 (4/13 AG)
Usually I'm Speedy Gonzalez in Transition. Had some difficulty getting out of my wetsuit. I had also decided before the race to completely change so I stripped down to the boyshorts (Lindsay smacked me on the ass as she raced out of transition), put on my cycling shorts and Team Z cycling jersey and headed out.

Bike - 3:40:27 (12/13 AG)
Started the bike with my heart rate at 167 so I used the exit out of the park to get it down. Once on the main road my goal was to keep it below 150. Got comfy and pedaled along. My knee was bothering me from the get-go so around mile 12 I stopped and dropped the seat a little bit. Was more comfortable but the pulling on the tendons continued throughout the ride. I also dropped my chain THREE times (and cursed like a sailor a bit louder each time).

I wonder what my time would have been if things had gone well.

T2 - 3:47 (12/13 AG)
Got off the bike and YOWZA! The pain in my knee was horrible. Hobbled into Transition using Penny as a crutch. Coach Ed came over and told me if it didn't loosen up to stop and go grab a beer. He stood talking to me and the whole time I was thinking I have to take off these cycling shorts and get into my compression. So I dropped shorts and changed while talking to him.

Run - 3:12:35 (12/13 AG)
Barely made it out of transition and was not able to run until I got to the hill. By mile one the knee loosened up and I was able to implement the 10/2 run/walk and maintained that for the first loop UNTIL the downhill on the path heading back to the beach. I was running down the hill (and it hurt...bad) when my leg just about gave out. Another Z'er almost caught me and offered to let me lean on her but I told her to go on. I knew (thought) I'd be ok on the flats. Hobbled past the team tent and headed out for lap 2. Again, able to run the 10/2 but this time the knee failed at the downhill at the turn-around point. Pretty much walked the rest of the loop, occasionally running with Heidi until she pulled away. Again, hobbled past the team tent (and the look on Priscella's face just said STOP) but I had already decided I was finishing this fricking race. 3rd lap was pure walking. And in my head I just kept telling myself, "walk with a purpose, no lolly-gagging, this is still a race". My pace was ok but I could no longer bend my knee.

I wonder what my time would have been if things had gone well.

Made it to the finish line and saw the team come down the hill for high-fives and I almost broke down in tears - just seeing the support, hearing the cheers, and finishing my first Half. In the end, I'm so glad I pushed myself to finish even with the pain. Mentally I needed that for Ironman.

Overall - 7:37:44 (11/13 AG) - 1H 7M after my ultra stretchy goal; 37M after my goal; 23M before my worst case goal.

But I finished - that's all that matters!

Pre: Pancake w/PB and a bottle of water
Bike: 2 bottles PowerBar Endurance, 1 bottle Water, 2 Hammer Gels, 2 Luna Moons, and 2 Shot Blocks - ~350 calories an hour. I could have drank more and there were suppose to be more nutrition but I dropped my Uncrustable BEFORE I even got a bite. Noooooooooo!
Run: 4 Fuel Belt bottles of PowerBar Endurance, 5 Fuel Belt bottles of water, 2 cups of ice, 1 cup of cola, 1 Hammer Gel, and 1 PowerBar Gel Shots (Cola). It was hot so I should have had more liquids. Wasn't sure about the food since I wasn't running.
Post: 2 beers, 3 bottles water, Coke Zero, chicken sandwich, 7-11 turkey/cheese sandwich, 1/2 bag Doritos, 1 medium Slurpee (cola), 1/3 cheese pizza, 3 plain chicken wings.

Lessons Learned:
Changing clothes didn't eat into my transition time that bad.
Still need to perfect nutrition.
I should have gotten my bike fit way back when I bought the bike versus the week before an important race.
Run/Walk method works quite well. When I could run I felt more refreshed after the walk and knowing it was my plan made it easier to start/stop running.
Sometimes uphill is better then downhill.

And finally, I found this quote and thought it was perfect:
"Your body will argue that there is no justifiable reason to continue. Your only recourse is to call on your spirit, which fortunately functions independently of logic." - Tim Noakes


Lindsay said...

The elevated HR on the bike was totally from my ass smack :) You're welcome.

Holly said...

I was still at the tent for your finish Es and it was BEAUTIFUL! You could see the emotion on your face. You had a pretty challenging first Half Ironman with your knee problems. GOOD WORK and I hope the knee is already recovering.

Dropping a Crustable is a crime again nature, I think! LOL - I'll definitely be going back to racing with "real food" myself and PB & J is top on the list. Thanks for your comments on sugars on my DNF report!


Anna said...
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Anna said...

Way to go Es/Ironman/Ironwoman! Congrats on today's finish !!