Monday, April 20, 2009

Rumpass in the Bumpass Sprint Race Report

Other recommended title - "You Ran a 5K How Slow???????"

Pre - got there in plenty of time especially since I did package pick up on Sat. I ate 1/2 a bagel and a pancake. How cool is the Team Z grill when you can order pancakes?! Got transition set up, into the wet suit (pissed that there's a cut almost all the way through), and took a practice swim. Water wasn't near as bad as Mooseman and I did that in a sleeveless wetsuit.

Swim - 17:08 - 8/26 Age Group - Out to the first buoy was bad. I couldn't get my heart rate down or get into the groove. Once I made the turn I was good to go. Still thought I was creeping along and realized there is a HUGE difference between pool swimming and open water. Note to self: Must spend more time in OW before IMS. It was the straightest I've ever swum though.

T1 - 1:52 - 2/26 Age Group- My best event in triathlon - TRANSITION!

Bike - 42:06 - 9/26 Age Group- Went two minutes slower then the relay on Saturday - proof to Robin and Jason that I really did give it my all on Saturday. Note to self: Must ride lots and lots and lots more hills before IMS.

T1 - 1:39 - 14/26 Age Group- I think it took longer to rack my bike then anything else. I hate when people don't rack their bike correctly. I'm always tempted to take the time and toss it over the fence. (And I know it was racked wrong because I had the end spot and his bike was above my stuff).

Run - I don't even want to type the time - 34:56 (seriously!) - 20/26 Age Group - EVERY STEP HURT. I started with a very slow run and realized I could walk faster then I was running. I also could not catch my breath. Heidi was my hero and got me to start running again while she coached me on breathing. Finally was able to breathe and I ran with her for awhile. Again, EVERY STEP HURT so I decided to walk the hills. With Tim Gretin on my heels, I ran most of the return, running up the hills as far as I could, then walking the crests. Right before getting back to the woods I looked at my watch and it said 32 minutes. I actually said out loud - "are you fricking kidding me"? Pushed myself to run and even made a lame attempt to sprint the finish. Still appalled at the time - that's my marathon pace!!!!

There were 3 distinct times during this race when I asked myself WTF was I thinking for signing up for Ironman. Then I remembered, different race, different strategy.

I am also embarrassed to think that my goal for this was to "smoke a sprint distance". The only smoke there was when I burned out on the run.

As usual, Team Z support before, during, and after the race was incredible. I was sorely disappointed in my race and many team mates pointed out all the positives and helped me get back to my real focus - Ironman! This race was a freebie.


Gina said...

Hey Es...sorry about your wetsuit tear. I have wetsuit cemet if you'd like to use it to repair seemed to work fine on mine. (Mine was a non-warranty tear...)

I'm with you on the hills and the bike. Hey, you ARE training for endurance...not this *short stuff*. Good report and good job sticking with it.

Lindsay said...

What the heck happened to your wetsuit?

And, your 5K pace was faster than my 10K pace, if that makes you feel better :)