Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday Four - Random things that have nothing to do with the other

1. I'm "Judgey McJudgey Pants" in the check out line. I look at what you're buying, I look at you, and I make assumptions. Well today, I would hate to think what people were thinking of me.

Usually I'm all veggies, lean meats, and whole grains.

Today...not so much:
- hot dogs (turkey dogs...but still),
- hot dog buns (white enriched flour buns, not the whole wheat ones),
- chili (hormel...not Amy's Organic which I would have felt less guilty about),
- steak fries (cause I'm running low on tator tots and prefer steak fries),
- and a box of wine (cause it's Friday and I'm thirsty).

Happy Friday!

2. We are finally having our Housewarming. If you weren't invited it's because I either don't have your email address (send it to me) or I don't know you but I appreciate you reading! Since we live in the sticks (a good 30+ miles from many of our friends) our theme is "Putting on the Sticks" - Kebabs and appetizers on toothpicks.

3. Charlie is the best darn dog in the whole universe! We finally found a dog park close to us (then three days later I found out about another one). I also figured out that he is not a running dog. Well, maybe he could be a running dog, provided he is off leash. Attach the leash and he becomes s-l-o-w walking dog!

4. George Clooney was apparently in town and he didn't call. :-(


Catharine said...

I love this post! :)

Sally said...

Oh you would have a field day with me in the check out line.